Top 6 favourite makeup products of 2015

Or perhaps, just the first half of 2015. Who knows what may come along in the next 6 months right!

My makeup style has changed over the years, because it’s only normal that different looks are trending as time passes and my requirements have changed too. I go for yoga most days so I try to keep my makeup minimal – I wear something which do require washing off before yoga (nobody ain’t got time for that yo) without looking gross when I sweat it off.

When I have to go out for dining or anywhere where I would need to meet people, I would put on my full look and these are some products I reach out to often this year!

1. M.A.C Lipsticks

When I first started with makeup many years ago, I didn’t really care much about lips. I could do my whole face but leave my lips bare without thinking it looked weird. I also tend to wear really safe looking coral colours.

Any makeup addict would know that makeup obsession comes in phases. I could be super into foundation and buy like 5 different ones within few weeks, and then I move onto blush and the cycle repeats. The lipstick phase was something that never really reached me until recent years, when I started to appreciate bold lip colours.

I started with being obsessed with Dior Addict lipsticks – going through several sticks of the sheer version, and then moving on to the more opaque version called Dior Addict Extreme (which was my staple for more than a year, and I own 5 of them right now) but lately, I became more daring and moved on to using M.A.C lipsticks as my staple! When I picked up my Dior lipstick one day after wearing M.A.C for a while, Dior seemed really pale in comparison (literally) and the colour payoff was just not good enough.

M.A.C lipsticks are really the best out there in terms of colour pay off. The colour comes on strongly on your lips and the staying power is super good. You can last through a 7 course meal with decent amount of colour remaining.

I am not new to M.A.C lipsticks and I actually have many from a few years back and what’s amazing is it never changed. It still smells like new!

My favourite colours right now are:

  • Girl About Town (bright blue fuschia)
  • Russian Red (intense bluish red)
  • Lady Danger (vivid bright coral red)
  • Morange (loudmouth orange)

The Lipglass (lipgloss) is amazing too. I used the Girl About Town lipglass over the lipstick and it was the most beautiful lip makeup I’ve ever had.

Also, M.A.C lipsticks from the same range comes in a variety of finishes. You would definitely find a finish you like. They have Amplified, Amplied Cream, Matte, Retro Matte, Cremesheen, Frost, Glaze, Lustre, Satin and Cremesheen Pearl.

Girl About Town and Russian Red lipstick with matching OPI nail colours behind


Wearing Russian Red

Wearing Lady Danger (halfway through my meal at Restaurant Andre)

Wearing Girl About Town with Lipglass (but halfway through the meal at Stellar, so most of the gloss is gone, though you can still see a fair bit left!)

2. Benefit Highbneam and Posietint

For a nice glow, Highbeam is the trick. I use this over my base product (either sunscreen, liquid foundation or BB cushion) before applying any powder by applying a streak on my cheekbone, forehead or nose with the applicator and then spreading out with M.A.C 187 Stippling Brush. The result is a very natural looking glow.

The other product I love from Benefit is the Posietint. I first had this product about 7 years ago but I used powder blushes more than cheek stains in the past because I would have powder foundation/ loose powder on my face. Only when I started yoga and skipped the foundation step did I realise how useful a cheek stain could be. It’s the perfect rosy pink cheek colour for me and I use it the same way – with M.A.C 187 brush but on my cheeks.

I use this for days where I’m going for yoga where I don’t remove my makeup before class, so I only have sunscreen, eye concealer, Posietint, eyebrow colour, eyeliner and lipstick. This way my skin can breathe.

Highbeam, Posietint and M.A.C 187 (Hello Kitty Limited Edition)

3. Candy Doll Shading Powder

In 2015, shading and highlighting is my new favourite makeup tip. I actually can look like I have a nose with shading! I’ve learn this technique in makeup school when I got my diploma 6 years ago but I thought it was too dramatic to wear out. Under the influence of Tsubasa Masukawa, I started experimenting with shading and it really makes my face look less one dimensional (aka flat). Now I can’t feel complete without it! I also use the Candy Doll highlighter to compliment my shading. You definitely need to highlight to balance it out! I try to use highbeam too when I use this shading powder. The looks in the photos above included the shading and highlighting steps. For powder shading and highlighting, I use M.A.C 109 Small Contour Brush.

M.A.C 109 Small Contour Brush, Candydoll Shading Powder, Candy Doll Marshmallow Purple Highlighter

4. Dolly Wink Eyelash #2

Before this year I’ve never worn falsies because it is uncomfortable on my tapered eyelids. The ends will always poke my the skin on inner eyelids and probably I just suck at applying it too. I don’t know how I managed to pass my makeup certification diploma with such poor false eyelash application skills back then. I bought this set of eyelashes out of curiosity 2 years ago and never really used them. I was determined to try and after getting the hang of it, I simply love it! I will use this every time I do my full makeup and it is not too dramatic in my opinion. It completes the Japanese Shibuya girl look. The quality of these lashes is way better than brandless ones and these keep in shape pretty well. The lash hairs are soft to touch too and don’t feel plasticy.

Dollywink Eyelash #2 and glue

5. M.A.C Brow Set Red Chestnut

I dyed my hair this year and went for a strikingly lighter shade of brown for a change. As my natural brows are dark and obvious, I had to use a brow mascara to match my hair colour. To achieve this, I used Paul & Joe eyebrow pencil duo in shade #3 (lighter side) to fill in my brows, spread to a nice gradient using a brow brush and then finished up by applying Red Chestnut Brow Set over my brow hairs.

Having matching brows is very important because you can look like ah beng if you have black brows with coloured hair. You can see how perfect the colour match is in my photos above.

Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil Duo #3, eyebrow brush and M.A.C Brow Set Red Chestnut

6. Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

After trying several brands this is my favourite. The tip is of perfect thickness, being able to draw thin lines, and the colour payoff is strong. I also like how it doesn’t stain my eyes after removal and it basically just disappears. K-Palette has similar quality in my opinion and I think both are comparable. I like how it disappears when I wipe it off after sweating from yoga. I don’t need to remove my makeup before yoga and I don’t have to worry about my eyes looking smudged like a panda. It doesn’t even flake or anything! It just disappears.

The brown one is also good for people with brown hair. I like this so much, I actually stocked up on way too many when they were going at Buy 1 Get 1 Free! I’m confident I’ll use them all up because this is really too good. And this is coming from someone like me who likes variety and have minimal loyalty to any eyeliner. I also tried their shiny white pencil eyeliner and I love it! I apply it to my lower lash line and inner corner of my eyes for a dolly look.

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Brown and Black


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