Kaiserhaus – Dinner

Kaiserhaus is a new addition to the dining scene in Singapore serving Central European food from the former Habsburg Empire which at the end of the 19th century. The menu includes dishes from Austria, Hungary, Southern Tyrol, Bohemia and Bosnia. The origin is stated on certain items on the menu while for other non-indicated ones, I assume those are dishes of ambiguous origins. It’s good to see such restaurant in Singapore because I don’t know of any other restaurant serving Austrian or Hungarian food.

I made plans to dine here and with a stroke of luck, this restaurant was added to the list of merchants under the Entertainer, so 1 for 1 offer was applied to certain dishes! Do make use of the Entertainer for best value.

The restaurant interior was nicely done up with a European feel (at least to me it is, you know, being not so modern looking) and was big and spacious. I liked the stairway leading up to the upper floor. You don’t get this often for restaurants in a mall.

Crispy Fried Mushrooms (v) – $12.00++
Button mushrooms with home-made sauce tartare, potato salad, mâche and lemon

This was part of the happy hour beer promotion but is also available on it’s own for $12. This didn’t have it’s origins indicated and I think it’s obvious that it’s just a generic dish, not specially from Europe.

Also available as part of the happy hour beer combo.

Gulyás Leves / Hungarian Goulash Soup – $8.50++

Spicy beef goulash soup with potatoes and bell peppers, seasoned with noble sweet paprika. Served with a Kaiser roll.

This soup was packed full of flavours. I insisted on trying it despite having another soup dish coming up.

Debreceni Kolbász / Hungarian Paprika Chicken Sausages – $18.00++

Smoked spiced Hungarian chicken sausages with paprika, garlic, pepper and marjoram Served with mashed potatoes, Gabelkraut, a sweet variation of sauerkraut and spicy Lecsó, a Hungarian ratatouille

Essen wie ein Kaiser / Eating like an Emperor
A firm favourite of Kaiser Franz Josef I., former Emperor of Austria, Tafelspitz is one of Austria’s national dishes. This gourmet beef was never missing from any of the Emperor’s state banquets.

The first two dishes were of Hungarian origins. This one is Austrian. A card with the eating instructions was given before the food was served because it can be confusing with so many items…

Tafelspitz / Gourmet Beef (Single Serve) – $38.00++
Grain-fed beef rump and oyster blade served in a copper pot with plenty of beef bouillon and mixed root vegetables, bone marrow, toasted rye bread, crispy rösti potatoes, creamed spinach and spicy horseradish sauce.

Frittaten / Crêpes Julienne and  Kasknödel / Cheese dumpling were $1.80++ each. Broth was to be poured over it.

This is quite filling and if you really want to have it to serve one, you probably can’t eat anything else. The Entertainer can be used for this item. The best part was the bone marrow but there wasn’t a lot of it. The broth wasn’t quite the same as the Hungarian goulash – this one was way lighter.

A cake from the cake display for dessert.

It’s probably my first time having Central European food and it was a positive experience. I can’t compare it to anything so I don’t know where this restaurant stands but it’s nice having something different like this in town. However, I’m sure these dishes don’t cost this much in their home country. The prices are friendly with the Entertainer for sure, so if you have the Entertainer App it’s worth a try.

Ambiance: 7.5/10
Food: 7.5/10
Value: 7/10 (with Entertainer)
Overall: My first time experiencing Austrian/ Hungarian food and I liked it

Capitol Singapore
17 Stamford Road,
#02-06 and #03-06
Singapore 178907

Tel: 63770013

Sunday to Thursday: 10.30AM – 12AM
Friday and Saturday: 10.30AM – 1AM


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