Chef Yamashita’s Recipe Book – Tanoshii Ke-ki Launch

As mentioned before, I’m a fan of Chef Yamashita’s cakes and his cakes are my favourite in Singapore! There’s just something about Japanese cakes which I love. It could be the light texture or the Asian flavours, either way, this cakes are probably the closest you can find to those in Japan, right here in Singapore.

P1190482 (900x675)

Today’s event was about the launch of his 3rd recipe book and some new products from his bakery. The event was arranged in collaboration with BOSCH and the publisher of his book. This third book is more exciting than the previous two because it’s all about CAKES and I happen to love his cakes (if I haven’t already mentioned…).

P1190490 (900x675)

Chef Yamashita did a demo of Yuzu chiffon cake, a recipe featured in his latest book. The method is similar to the chiffon cake he did in the previous media event. You can check out my older post here.

P1190507 (900x675)

P1190511 (900x675)

Doing the super difficult (ok not really) task of transferring batter into the chiffon pan! As you can see I’m quite messy. I am not known to be neat, sorry. In all seriousness, there is really a technique to doing this and it’s not something anyone can do well ok? To prevent excess air from getting in, you need to scoop the batter in bit by bit and place it well spread out in the pan!P11905101 (675x900)

I’ve never made chiffon cakes in my life but I’ll bear his valuable tips in mind! An important factor in making good cakes is having a good mixer. The Bosch is really good because it is powerful and the whisk goes all around the bowl instead of just spinning in the center. The batter was so light and delicate.

P1190512 (900x675)

Chiffon cake ready!

P1190561 (900x675)

Good to be eaten like this…

P1190567 (900x675)

… or all iced up with fresh cream!

Chef Yamashita also introduced two of his new products – Sakura Roll and Castella.

The Sakura roll was launched in April and being a fan, I’ve already tried it! It’s good to see it so soon again.

P1190557 (900x675)P1190540 (900x675)

It’s available in stores for $25 per roll.

P1190571 (900x675)

Introducing Castella!

Castella is a traditional Japanese cake which I often see at very traditional wagashi shops. It’s nice to have it with Japanese tea. Castella has high egg content and honey. The cake is very different from usual western cakes and you have to try it to understand.

P1190573 (675x900)

It’s usually sold in long rectangular blocks.

Chef Yamashita will be selling the original, matcha and chocolate flavour of Castella. I’m very glad to see that this is finally available fresh in Singapore!

P1190576 (900x675)

If you’re interested to get a copy of his latest book or try his new creations, do pop by his bakery at Tanjong Pagar. All books are available for purchase in stores and Tanoshii Ke-ki retails at $32!

1 Tanjong Pagar, #02-44, Singapore 082001

Mon-Sat: 10:00 – 18:30
Sunday/Public Holidays: 10:00 – 16:00

You could also order it online here or find it at all Kinokuniya book stores.


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