PeraMakan – Dinner

PeraMakan is a family styled (as in, suitable for family dinners young and old) restaurant in the Keppel Club. Most of the tables here are big and they can cater to large groups, like most Chinese and Nonya restaurants in Singapore.

The menu consists of Nonya food traditionally and authentically cooked.

IMG_3079 (900x600)

Penang Nyonya Pork Ribs – $15.00++
Braised pork ribs – a favourite recipe from the Penang Nyonyas

It’s my first time trying such dish. I’m not a fan. The pork taste was strong and the meat was quite tough.

IMG_3081 (900x600)

Beef Rendang – $20.00++
Shin beef, braised in spicy coconut sauce till tender. Served with Serondeng

This was the crowd favourite dish tonigh. The texture of the beef was indeed very soft and flakes apart easily, not something you can find easily. The gravy was quite unique, tasting different from the typical rendangs I’ve had. I can’t judge whether that’s a good or bad thing – taste is subjective, but I won’t say this gravy is my favourite.

IMG_3083 (900x600)

Ayam Buah Keluak – $18.00++
Chicken braised in rich Indonesian black nut & Garam Assam gravy (2 nuts per serving)

Additional nuts comes at $1.50/ nut. I am not a fan of this nut by default – the taste was too strong for me.

IMG_3086 (900x600)

Sambal Bendi Goreng – $12.00++
Young lady fingers, stir-fried in dried shrimp sambal

I liked the texture of the lady fingers, which was cooked to soft. The sambal was flavourful and just right for my spiciness scale. This was probably my favourite items today.

IMG_3087 (900x600)

Sambal Kangkong – $12.00++
Kangkong (water spinach) stir-fried with dried shrimps sambal

A staple dish. Nothing in particular to note here. I do like how it’s less oily than usual though!

IMG_3090 (900x600)

Hee Peow – $7.00++
Cabbage, fish maw, fish, prawn & pork balls in rich pork & chicken broth

This was quite pleasant but not the best of it’s kind. Definitely better than the other soup I’ve tried here…

IMG_3091 (900x600)

Itek Tim – $6.00++
Salted Chinese mustard stewed with pork trotters and duck in a rich broth

This was bad. The soup was filled with very strong animalic taste of the duck. For such soups, I heard that the duck should be washed many times to get rid of smell and most Itek Tim I’ve had everywhere did not taste anywhere close to this in terms of the pungent animalic notes.

IMG_3092 (900x600)

Otak Otak Makanan Laut – $18.00++
Unique to PeraMakan, fish, squids & prawns in a rich spicy paste, grilled on a kunyit (turmeric) leaf

IMG_3093 (900x600)

You can find chunks of prawns or squid in this. Not bad, but not that special and I wouldn’t say this is worth the price.

IMG_3095 (900x600)

A bit of each…

IMG_3098 (900x600)

Ikan Panggang – $25.00++
Fresh, young red snapper marinated in spices, grilled & served with fragrant sambal sauce & Nyonya Salad

IMG_3106 (900x600)

Chendol – $5.50++
Shaved ice with slurpy chendol strips and kidney beans with gula melaka syrup & freshly squeezed coconut milk

The shaved ice probably diluted everything in no time making the flavours quite weak.

IMG_3107 (900x600)

Bubor Cha Cha – $5.50++
Steamed yams and sweet potatoes with tapioca jujube in freshly squeezed coconut milk

This one was very thick.

IMG_3110 (900x600)

Sago Gula Melaka – $4.00++
Sago pudding served chilled with gula melaka syrup and freshly squeezed coconut milk

Without ice to dilute the flavours, the flavours from this one was strong and it’s good! Would recommend this one the most.
Except for the Itek Tim which I would say, was bad, every dish was decent enough. However, nothing in particular was very memorable or special so this would be a good place for a group dinner but not a place to travel to for connoisseurs. The dishes are mostly tradtionally and classic, nothing creative here. The spices are generally quite safe and not too strong making it easy for all kinds of people, even though with low spice tolerance, but for those looking for more complex and stronger flavours, there are other restaurants for you.

Ambiance: 6/10
Food: 7/10

Value: 7/10
Overall: Simple no frills Peranakan food.

Level 3, Keppel Club
10 Bukit Chermin Road
Singapore 109918

Tel: 63772829 / 62701618

Lunch: 11:30 am to 3:00 pm
(last order: 2:00 pm)
Dinner: 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
(last order: 9:00 pm)


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