Shuu by Koki – Dessert

I found the best choux pastry in Singapore guys!

For the longest time, I was satisfied with Beard Papa’s cream puffs which was decent enough, until I tried Kitakaro from Otaru. Thankfully we now have choux puffs from Shuu! The same stall sells dashimaki tamago which is pretty good too, but the choux pastry steals the limelight for me.

P1000603-01 (900x676)

Raspberry Rose, Earl Grey, Matcha, Hazelnut – $4.30 each

The winning aspect for me was the custard cream filling. The filling was of a light whipped texture, and the individual flavours were strong. You know how for certain things the original flavour is the best and other flavours are probably only there for show? Not for this stall. I have not tried vanilla (though I’m sure it’ll be good too), but these other flavours are just too good.

Filling aside, the choux pastry itself is kind of amazing too. It is not the basic kind, but the kind with cookie crumble kind of surface on top, which adds more dimension for the texture. I love it. However, the crispy texture has a very short shelf life. If you keep it for the next day in the fridge, the texture will turn soft. It is still a joy to eat though, maybe 80% of how amazing it was initially, because the custard cream filling will still be as good.

P1000610-01 (900x660)

My favourite would be the Earl Grey. I am a huge lover of Earl Grey tea to begin with so this may not be the same for you, but when I cut open my very first Shuu puff and a bit of Earl Grey custard cream filling got onto my finger, it was explosively fragrant and had me sold.

P1000613-01 (900x676)

The flavour and texture of the filling was perfect.

P1000621-01 (900x676)

The Matcha was obviously made with good quality matcha. I have tasted enough low quality matcha in pastries to be scarred for life and I’m glad this is not one of those.

The Raspberry Rose has a beautiful pink filling and has a very strong floral fragrance, more fragrant than Pierre Herme’s Ispahan macaron. The Hazelnut was again, very fragrant with the flavours of toasted hazelnuts. Hazelnut was never my top favourite flavour for anything but it’s something that will never go wrong, just like chocolate. I cannot fathom why anyone will say no to hazelnut or chocolate anyway.

So for the price tag of $4.30, it is certainly higher than what you usually find. But it is also a lot better than the usual (which frankly, benchmark has been set very low) in terms of quality and quantity, so I do think it’s worth trying!


Koki Tamagoyaki
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road, #B1-54
Singapore 179103


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