Hungry in London

I was in London for 11D9N. Almost every kind of cuisine could be found in London so I got to try some rather exotic food.

I flew SQ and it was a direct 12 hour flight! There were 2 meals on board

We arrived in London pretty late, and by the time we checked into Megaro Hotel, it was around 10pm. We had dinner at a random, small Italian restaurant, 5mins walk away from our hotel.

The dinner was not cheap but the food was outstanding! In fact, this could be one of the best meals we had in London.

The second day was spent roaming Portobello Market.

For lunch, I had British Fish & Chips. The fish should be Cod.

Tomatoes on vine! I wish these were ubiquitous in Singapore.

Giant you tiao?

I would love to try these but I doubt the cleanliness

I regret not having a single cake in London. Don’t ask me why.

On the 4th day, after a day of shopping at Oxford Street, we had dinner at a Lebanese restaurant. It was my first time trying Lebanese cuisine and it wasn’t as bad as I thought!

Lamb. This was the first time lamb actually tasted good to me.

There was a free flow of VEGETABLES! Interesting.

The meat tasted as exotic as it looked -but it was actually quite good. It’s worth a try! It was the best lamb I have ever tasted.

On the 8th day, we were at Dorset. We randomly had dinner at a Greek restaurant.

Steak, Greek style. I would say I prefer the usual way of cooking steak. This was too exotic for me.

Baked seabass.

This was really good. Quite a good method of cooking seabass!

Bolognese, the exotic version.

These are all the pictures I have, sadly.

Of course, there was some more food.

In London, I had this super delicious cinnamon bun from Cinnabon.

(Photo from: )

I also had more British Cod & Chips from a takeaway shop in Dorset.

And then I had some Asian food – one at a very unimpressive Chinese restaurant which was recommended by a guide book, for dinner on the 2nd day, and another mixed Asian cuisine (there’s Thai, Malay, Chinese, Indian..) on the 3rd day for dinner, which wasn’t as bad as the Chinese restaurant. I also had some express Japanese food for lunch on the 3rd day(like sushi) from a shop, near the business district, after sightseeing at London Bridge.

On the 5th day, we had some pretty disgusting food for dinner, after visiting Greenwhich Park and it’s not even worth mentioning.

On the 6th day, I had a wonderful dinner at an Italian restaurant in Cambridge. The tiramisu was the BEST I ever had.

On the 7th day, we returned to London and had a random Lebanese “coffee shop” meal near our hotel for dinner. It wasn’t in a posh restaurant, unlike the previous time, and the food didn’t quite compare.

For the last dinner (9th) of the trip, we had a very memorable and good meal at a restaurant in Dorset, near a marina! It’s quite prominent. It has 2 levels and is quite big. I had some amazing fish there. Too bad I didn’t bring out my camera.

After the meal, we drove back to Heathrow for a night’s stay and off we went to the Airport for our morning flight.

Returning to London and Dorset someday is a MUST! Save for the high costs of living, the weather was lovely and so was the food (except for some of them).


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