PINC – Manicure

PINC was the first manicure shop I patronised. I think this was my 3rd visit.

The outlet I patronised was Bugis Junction’s. They charge $22 for classic manicure and $33 for classic pedicure, which is not expensive considering it’s located in Bugis Junction. The shop’s layout was pretty organised and not messy and crammed like most manicure shops you see at Bugis Village or Far East Plaza.

They use OPI and TiNS. They do not charge extra if you want to use TiNS (Japanese glitter), unlike some other nail parlours.

My friend did a French manicure, at $5 extra.

For me, I chose the TiNS glitter and I’m loving it. It’s my first time using TiNS and I’m sold! It’s the best glitter nail polish you can get.

I highly recommend PINC at Bugis Junction. It’s my favourite nail parlour! They do not hardsell at all.


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