Everything with Fries – Dinner

Ironically, the best thing here was not the fries.

Everything with Fries is a very casual restaurant, which was very crammed and noisy during the peak hours, and the furnishing looks cheap. But unlike others, they have a very limited menu. But it isn’t all bad; at least you can be sure they won’t put terrible dishes on their menu for the sake of variety.

Among their pathetically small selection of dishes, there were a few which stood out and impressed me.

Breaded king salmon $13.90


This was THE BEST. It’s not cooked well done, but partly rare, and it melted in my mouth. How amazing.

The fries and sides were nothing impressive.


Mille crêpe (vanilla) $5.90

This was THE BEST. Sorry for the lack of vocabulary but it really was the best. It’s not too sweet and you won’t feel sick after eating it.

Mille crêpe is a French cake made of many crêpe layers. “Mille” (“mil”) means “a thousand”, implying the many layers of crêpe.

The other flavour they offered was Nutella.

Do note that they don’t serve Mille crêpe everyday! Call up to ask to avoid disappointment.


Nutella shake $3.90.

YUMMY! How can Nutella go wrong, really. This didn’t receive full marks from me JUST BECAUSE there was another dish with Nutella that was better.


Nutella tart $4.90

This tart stole my heart tonight. It was AMAZING. I have to highlight that by the time this was served I was already stuffed full.

However, it could still be tasty! And I had already drunk that whole glass of nutella shake prior to this but was not sick of the taste.

The tart crust was like crushed oreo, and the tart filling was of some pudding-custard texture, but it was nutella-y, and it had molten flowly nutella all over the top.


Ambiance: 5/10

Food: 8/10 (please order the right things)

Value: 8.5/10

Overall: if you’re not a fan of salmon, perhaps you can skip the main courses and go for the pastries. That is, if you’re a fan of Nutella and crepes. Recommended for noisy gatherings.


Everything with Fries

458 Joo Chiat Road


Tel: +65 6345 5034


Daily: Noon – 10pm

(Closed on Mon)


Getting there:

By Car:

Public parking along Joo Chiat Road

By Bus:

10, 12, 14, 16, 32, 40


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