The Ultimate Resort Spa @ Civil Service Club – Massage

I booked a spa session for 2 at the The Ultimate Resort Spa @ Civil Service Club in Bukit Batok.

The area of the spa was very big and the interior of the spa was nicely done up too. However, the ambiance was killed by an influx of aunties. The staffs were mainly aunties and many of the customers were aunties too. They were noisy and made the whole setting feel very neighbourhood, which was not what I expected of an upmarket spa (they way the marketed it to be). Perhaps that’s the downside of going to a spa located in Bukit Batok.

My treatment consisted of 1 hour Swedish massage and 30min body scrub.

Pictures from I didn’t get to use these rooms however. The room I got did not have fancy themes, and did not have any window. I managed to get a couple room for the treatment and the room was very big, with en suite shower facilities, and with a closet and locker in the room. There was also a Jacuzzi tub which I didn’t get to use.

The treatment, however, was disappointing. The air condition was strong and throughout the body scrub I felt uncomfortably cold. There were no bed warmers for the massage bed. The body scrub also didn’t last for a fu;; 30min.

Additionally, they scrubbed us after the massage and we had to shower after the massage, when it’s actually better not to take a shower after massage.

Perhaps the other outlet located at level 27 Shaw Centre would have been a better choice.

I wouldn’t recommend this spa.




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