Nazt Bistro – Dinner

I bought a voucher, for $27nett, which entitled me to a 4 course meal at Nazt Bistro. It was my first time visiting.

The bread. Warm, moist and soft. Not terrible but not outstanding.

The cocktail of the month (China Blue) was $8++ and it came with tapas. This is highly recommended! It tasted good, and for that price tag, there’s no reason not to order it.

Confit of quailAsparagus, quail egg in slow cooked roma tomato, chocolate sauce

It was my first time trying quail meat and unfortunately, I don’t really like the taste. As I’m new to quail, I can’t tell whether the fault lies with bad cooking, or the taste of quail itself. However, the quail egg in slow cooked roma tomato was good! I liked the idea of chocolate sauce though.

Beef consomméJulienne of vegetables, hint of brandy

Clear soups tend to fail to impress more often than creamed soups, probably because a creamed soup takes more effort to prepare. And this soup failed to impress me in that manner.

Halibut fillet & sea tiger prawns – Lobster roe, parsley, potato, broccoli, baby carrots, cardinal sauce

I don’t eat halibut often, and this is probably the first time consciously eating halibut (most of the time I don’t question the species of the fish presented to me during common meals) and there’s an oily taste to it- similar to cod. Hence, halibut is not suitable for cod haters. However, I’m the exact opposite – I love cod! So this entrée was good for me. The prawns weren’t impressive though. It could have been fresher. I loved how cute the lobster roe and baby carrots looked.

Melon creamMango shooter with pomelo

I prefer my desserts to be sweet (think chocolate, vanilla, custard, cheesey) but this happens to fall into the sour category. Not to say it wasn’t good, this dessert falls into the “sour and light” category of desserts (like fruits) and not the “sweet and rich” category which I prefer. But judging based on how well this was done; I would say for a sour and light dessert it was pretty good. It wasn’t overpoweringly sour, and I actually enjoyed the mango shooter more than the pudding.


Ambiance: 7.5/10

Food: 7/10

Value: 7/10

Overall: the usual prices on their ala carte and lunch menu is pretty reasonable. Ditto to their cocktail of the month. Based on affordability, a return may be possible.


Nazt Bistro Lounge

54 Club Street


Tel: 6223 3868


10:00 am – 11:00 pm


Getting there:

By Car:

Parallel parking along Club Street


By Bus:

61, 80, 145, 166, 197



Chinatown (NE4)




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