Specialist Nail – Manicure & Pedicure

With a cozycot voucher of $19 for classic manicure and pedicure, I went with 3 friends to Specialists Nail at Far East Shopping Centre.

OPI nail colours.

Started off with a foot soak.

OPI Burlesque glitter on my friend’s toes

If there wasn’t a promotion I wouldn’t come here. the skill of the manicurist that served me was good. BUT the whole thing was rushed and she was pushy. I didn’t feel relaxed at all throughout.

The moment I expressed that I wasn’t interested in the package, the manicurist’s face turned black. Their package was a whooping $380 for 10 sessions of mani & pedi. $38 for mani & pedi is not considered CHEAP especially if I have to sign up for 10 sessions to get that price. Moreover, this shop lacked a good ambiance and their service was nothing spectacular. Why would I ever be interested in their package?


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