Spa in Batam

There are many shops which offer massage in Batam but very few are reliable. 90% are sleazy or lousy without proper facilities.

From my research, only 1 shop looks normal, with proper spa ambiance and that was Eska.

I managed to get a couple’s room upon request. It comes with an en suite Jacuzzi. There’s no hangers or hooks for clothes however. I had a bit of a problem finding somewhere to put them. Lockers were place outside.

They do have single rooms as well. The massage beds come with holes for the face.

The package I took up consist of aroma therapy body massage, body scrub, body mask, Jacuzzi soak and v spa ratus. I added foot reflexology and an express manicure too.

I highly recommend asking for a private room if you visit. Otherwise, the massage will be done in a common area, on the floor with curtain separaters only. There will be no hole for the face and only a pillow which is terrible.

If I were to visit again, I would do without the body scrub and body mask. I felt kind of cold throughout as there was no bed warmer on my bed. The Jacuzzi soak was after the massage. The massage was a bit too soft for my liking but it was ok. I should have asked her to use more strength.

For the foot reflexology, it was done on a reclining arm chair. The chair was pretty comfortable. It lasted for 1 hour.

I would recommend this spa if you are visiting Batam! It’s owned by Chinese bosses and they can speak english. They also offer free transport if you spend a certain amount. We got a ride back to our resort which was 40min away, for free. The car was very new and spacious.

I spent a total of $77.70 and I spent more than 4 hours there.


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