Manicure in Batam

When I was in Batam, I went to Eska for spa and I did an express manicure there as well. It cost $8.

Most of their products were from ORLY but they had a small selection of OPI. Their base coats and top coats were from ORLY too. I selected an OPI colour.

See how unsmooth it is? The base coat they used wasn’t smoothly applied. It was an ORLY product. The colour I chose was from their very limited OPI range, which I settled for chrome purple despite not really liking purple, just because I didn’t want to consider any ORLY colour (which they have plenty of).

I wouldn’t recommend this place at all. On top of that, the manicurist who served me was the salon manager/boss, and I highly doubt that she had any proper training in manicure service at all.


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