Hungry in Batam

I was in Batam for a short 3D2N trip! I stayed at Turi Beach Resort, which is pretty much the outskirt area, far from the town.

Batam is famous for their cheap and fresh seafood, so we had to try some for dinner! The nearest seafood restaurant to our resort was Rezeki Live Seafood.    

Hotplate beancurd

Fresh steamed scallops, 500g

It wasn’t enough. This was so good!

Butter garlic prawns 500g. These were frozen prawns not fresh ones so it didn’t taste that good.

Balanchan chilli crab 500g

Butter crab 500g

Avocado juice – an Indonesian specialty

Coconut, which was huge and cost like $1

And not photographed was the best dish – Hong Kong style steamed seabass! The fish was SO GOOD! It was fresh, tender, and melted in my mouth.

There was kang kong too.

The total cost of the meal was around $18 per pax.

For the second day, we took a one way ‘taxi’ to Nagoya Hill Mall and had A&W for lunch, which sucked. It costs round $4.50 for my waffle and milkshake which was a disappointment.

The waffles were bland and the texture wasn’t good.

For dinner, we had Ayam Penyet at Ayam Penyet Ria in Nagoya Hill Mall.

Ayam Penyet

Avocado shake, again.

It cost $4.50 in total for Ayam Penyet, rice and an avocado shake. It was definitely cheaper than the franchise restaurant in Singapore.

We bought donuts from J Co before heading back to the resort! Each donut cost like $0.70 each when bought in a dozen!

The highlight of the day was the avocado donut – the green ones on the top row. They were great!!! The other one which was mine was the green tea with almond flakes. Yummy too!!!!! I don’t think they have those in Singapore. They really should consider!

On the last day, we returned to Rezeki Live Seafood for lunch!

It’s a Kelong style restaurant.

Gong gong

AMAZING fried calamari. The taste has been etched in my mind forever. We had a second plate of this.

Sweet potato leaf

Scallops 1kg

Snapper steamed Hong Kong style 700g

It was not as outstanding as the seabass we had on the first day.

The prawns were fresh not frozen! Steamed prawns 500g

The lunch cost $13.50/ pax

For the seafood and donuts alone, it’s enough to make me want to return to Batam for another cheap getaway! Such prices are nonexistent in Singapore.






5 thoughts on “Hungry in Batam

  1. Hi, glad to have spotted your sharings of food info in Batam. We went to 933 seafood restaurant costs s$35 for small fish and two small crabs in a month ago. Felt the seafood are over priced.
    Can you share which location is Rezeki seafood restaurant located?
    We are going Batam in next month going to stay near waterfront ferry terminal. Like to look for a new seafood restaurant.
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi,

      I dont have exact addresses but Rezeki is near the nongsa area, totally off from where you will be staying. I took the ferry from Tanah Merah. Perhaps you can try those around the malls?
      933 is an infamous tourist trap. No locals would dine there!

  2. Hi, I’ll be going to Turi Beach for 3D2N like u too. May I know if Rezeki Live Seafood needs to be accessed there by taxi? Or is it walkable distance from Turi resort?

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