Forlino – Lunch

I had a good impression of il Lido, and having heard that Forlino and il Lido are sister restaurants, I decided to try it out. The set lunch consists of 2 courses, amuse bouche, bread and coffee or tea with petit fours. The usual price is $38++. I bought vouchers on for $21.80/pax.

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The bread was salted on the outside. I liked this bread a lot! It’s served warm and crispy on the outside, fluffy inside.

Amuse bouche. Some cauliflower and cheese kind of thing. It was good to spread it on the bread or to have it alone.

The salad of the day, potato and octopus salad. Not a big fan of potato salad or octopus so I biasedly think this was not as good as the prawn salad from il Lido. The octopus didn’t taste fresh either.

Pumpkin soup! I love pumpkin soup so I enjoyed this. But of course, you got to like pumpkin to like this. Makes no sense to complain it’s too sweet because pumpkin IS SWEET. It doesn’t even require sugar.

My main course – pork belly. I couldn’t resist and will be swearing off pork for now. It was soft and succulent with crispy skin. I loved it! Of course, it’s sinful and some people hate that. But I was prepared to indulge so I shall ignore the health issues with this piece of meat. The accompanying vegetables weren’t my type, unfortunately. It taste like German sautéed cabbage.

Tagliolini with mussels

White leather jacket fish, which was probably the most unimpressive of all main courses. Do not order this.

Petit fours which came with our coffee. The meringue was good!


Warm chocolate cake with banana gelato

As there was still room for desserts, we ordered some desserts on our own.

Both are MUST TRYs! The tiramisu is kind of unusual but it lovely that way. There was fizzy sugar that will fizz in your mouth, in the tiramisu. The chocolate lava cake was perfectly done too. The outside was crisp and the amount of lava inside was just perfect. The flavour of the chocolate was good too. I do not like bananas so I didn’t try the ice cream.

Personally, I prefer il Lido to Forlino for obvious reasons. The food at il Lido was better, and their set menu included dessert. Moreover, the restaurant was bigger and more spacious than Forlino.


Ambiance: 7/10

Food: 6/10

Value: 6.5/10

Overall: a return is unlikely. The desserts are worth to try, however.



One Fullerton

1 Fullerton Road, 049213

6877 6995


Mon – Sun

Lunch: 12pm-2:30pm


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