uBeau – Manicure

I bought a voucher on bigdeal for classic manicure & spa pedicure at uBeau for $29. (I paid $20, using $9 Big Deal credits)

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Generally there’s nothing wrong with the place – comfortable (however, they used cheap looking Ikea chairs), skilled manicurists, price was ok.

However, I feel kind of short-changed because stuff like salt for foot soak and Seche Vite top coat should be included by default, but according to their policy, such products require additional costs.

But they didn’t hard sell, they merely suggested. But I feel it should be included.

For my spa pedicure the only difference from classic pediure was applying a foot mask.

However, they didn’t give me options and I honestly can’t see the difference the ‘mask’ did for my feet.

I refused to pay $5 to “upgrade” to Seche Vite top coat, hence they used OPI top coat on my nails. The effect without Seche Vite was obvious. No manicure is complete without Seche Vite. The manicure didn’t last more than 1 week.

Thus, this place is NOT recommended.

OPI San Tan-tonio


One thought on “uBeau – Manicure

  1. I went for uBeau’s waxing services through bigdeal. I feel that some services that should be included was lacking too. They gave nasty comments and you could see very clearly that they were not interested in serving you. They suggested the package but I think that they do not even want my business. It’s fine, cos i definitely would not visit them again. uBeau’s definitely not a recommended place,

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