Chikuwa Tei – Lunch

Chikuwa Tei is a Japanese restaurant which I’ve been revisiting. We usually order the sashimi and chawanmushi because it’s really good here.

26th April 2011

The daily appetiser.

We had a voucher which entitled us to 5 pieces of salmon sashimi, complimentary.

Cod with mentaiko sauce, baked. I loved this!

The famous chirashi don. Everything piece of sashimi in there is as fresh as it can get.

3rd April 2011

The appetiser of the day was some lotus root with chilli.

5 piece salmon sashimi, as part of the lunch set.

Red snapper

The special set lunch today was red snapper! $20++

Unagi set with extra chawanmushi

16th Jan 2011

This was my first visit to Chikuwa Tei, ever since the boss moved on from Wasabi Tei to have this reataurant.

The appetiser, at random.

We ordered swordfish sashimi for $12++. This was very fresh, good!

Salmon sashimi was part of the lunch set

Overloaded chawanmushi. The chawanmushi here is good. it was part of the lunch set too!

The lunch special set.

This is not unagi. It is sea eel. The set included daily appetiser, chawanmushi, 5 pieces salmon sashimi, miso soup, rice, 2 pieces of sea eel sushi, and watermelon. $20++

Cha soba and tempura. $12++

The tempura was well fried.


Ambiance: 7/10

Food: 8/10

Value: 7/10

Overall: I’ve visited this restaurant 4 times and I foresee more visits in future.


Chikuwa Tei Japanese Restaurant

9 Mohamed Sultan Road

Tel: 6738 9395




Getting there:

By car:

Parallel coupon parking available in front of the restaurant

By Bus:

139, 195


6 thoughts on “Chikuwa Tei – Lunch

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  2. Pingback: Chikuwa Tei II – Lunch | ❤ • ( Hungry Bird ) • ❤

  3. hi, not sure if you have tried the standard and not sure if are a fan of the Exec Chef. fyi, he has left Chikuwa Tei restaurant late Feb this year. i’ve gone back to try once after he left, but to my dismay, some dishes have changed and the taste and standard changed negatively and even the crowd is no longer there. sorry to say that.

    • hey thanks for pointing out. I went there in april but I only had sashimi & chirashi don (no cooking involved) but from the cutting of the sashimi I sensed something was different and at a glance I saw a different chef. However the service was equally hostile so i didn’t think the nazi chef has left (since he is the one who invented that service should be hostile). the freshness of the raw stuff remains though, so I had my fill of good sashimi, albeit badly cut.

      • lol… yea. the famous Exec Chef had long left. ever since after once trial with the new chef, my friends and i don’t bother to return after tasting such lousy food. total disappointment. heard that the nazi Exec Chef will be back in action soon. he has a fb which i’ve been following till now and heard that he making a return! come add him on fb!/peter.teo.549 and stay abreast of where he is. spread the words mate, so that everyone of us can enjoy great and quality food! cheerios~ 🙂

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