Fukuichi Japanese Dining II – Lunch

The 25% off promotion is still valid for Fukuichi Japanese Dining. The prices after discount is very attractive and I revisited for lunch today.

The set menu available for lunch is not quite the same as that offered for dinner, except for the Bento. It’s relatively cheaper, ranging from $16 to $20.

This is the other promotion they are offering. They have about 12 different donburi, all going at $8++, with miso soup. For $2++ more, you can get chawanmushi, kani tofu, agedashi tofu or edamame. This is not applicable for the 25% off discount, but for $8++ or $10++ for lunch in town, this is a good deal.

Shake Sashimi Udon Teishoku – $18.00++

Sashimi Teishoku – $20.00++

I ordered the sashimi teishoku and sadly, it wasn’t very outstanding. I had 2 slices of swordfish, 2 slices of maguro and 3 slices of salmon. The cut of the salmon sashimi I got was inferior to that in the salmon sashimi udon set!

However, the chawanmushi, salad, and miso soup was of the same standard as usual.


For restaurant information, please view my previous post on Fukuichi Japanese Dining.


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