Fukuichi Japanese Dining III – Dinner

I revisited a Fukuichi which I have revisited to death, again, for dinner today. The 25% off promotion is valid until the end of this month.

Kani Tofu – $6.00++

This is a must try at Fukuichi! The century egg taste wasn’t dominating.

Aburi Salmon Sushi – $6.00++/ 2 pc

Aburi salmon is my new love! Slightly seared on the top, I prefer this over raw salmon, especially when the salmon doesn’t taste that good as sashimi. From my past experience, the sashimi from Fukuichi isn’t exactly the best I’ve eaten.

Tamago Sushi – $2.00++/2pc

The tamago was tasty and well cooked. It wouldn’t disappoint in texture. However, I wished it was a little sweeter as the egg was kind of bland, but still acceptable.

Nankon Toji Age – $12.00++

There was mashed pumpkin and unagi bits inside the tempura flour batter. The sauce surrounding was like tempura dip.

The tempura batter was fried to perfection. It was light and crispy and did not have sick oily taste at all. The whole combination of sweet and savoury was perfect.

Hiyashi Gyomen -$12.00++

This actually tastes like fish cake in noodle form. It was chewy and springy like fish cake. Quite an interesting dish! But personally, I wouldn’t say this is better than cha soba. I would rank them equal.

Chirashi Zushi – $28.00++

It comes with miso soup. I didn’t try this. This seemed similar to the chirashi don from Rakuzen.
The total bill for 2 was $58.85 after the discount.
Do note that on Monday – Saturday, after 6pm, you’ll get free parking if you spend at least $30 at Triple One Somerset. Do claim your free parking at the reception (open until 10pm).

For restaurant information and more reviews, please view my previous post here and here.


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