Serendipity the Nail Spa – Manicure & Pedicure

I went to Serendipity the Nail Spa today for a Rose Petal Spa Mani and Pedi with Aromatherapy Soak + Scrub + Massage. It’s located in Holland Village.

I was supposed to get:

  • 20 min Rose Petal Spa Manicure
  • 30 min Rose Petal Spa Pedicure
  • 20 min Relaxing Rose Aromatherapy Soak
  • 10 min Pampering Rose Scrub
  • 10 min Soothing & Hydrating Rose-Scented Massage

The ambiance of this nail spa was quite pleasant – spacious and neat. However, the service didn’t meet expectations.


  • Soak
  • Trimming/ Shaping nails
  • Cuticles
  • Removal of dead skin and callus with a foot file
  • Exfoliation of skin with scrub
  • Massage
  • Random base coat
  • OPI nail colour (Apricot-cha Cheating)
  • Random top coat (but based on the bottle it was OPI shape and pink so it looks a lot like the OPI BASE coat.)


  • Soak
  • Trimming/ Shaping nails
  • Cuticles
  • Massage
  • Random base coat
  • OPI nail colour (Elephantastic Pink)
  • Seche Vite top coat (Additional $2)

This did not feel like a Spa manicure, despite what they claimed. The services which were supposed to be included in the package wasn’t delivered like it should. The soak didn’t smell strongly of rose and quite honesty from my position I couldn’t smell the scent. I don’t know how this is considered to be “Relaxing Rose Aromatherapy Soak. The scrub was very brief and was done in like 2 minutes, and not 10mins like they claimed it would be. Same goes for the massage. There was practically no effect from scrubbing as it was so light that I doubt it even exfoliated any skin. They didn’t put in much effort into remove callus as well. The amount of dead skin which fell out was meagre.

I was also disappointed that Seche Vite top coat had to come at an extra $2. They didn’t prompt me about this, thus random top coat was used on my toes. I had to request for Seche Vite. Without Seche Vite the finish of the nail polish wouldn’t be as smooth. It is also quick drying, which will save you from ruined nails, and it made my manicure last for more than 2 weeks without chipping.

This service is usually priced at $90 and for a $90 service I’m appalled that they don’t use proper base and top coats.

Seche Vite/ Poshe top coats should be a default product used for ALL manicures.

On the whole, I wouldn’t recommend this place.


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