Aoki – Lunch

The restaurant was tucked away at an inconspicuous corner at Shaw Centre. I made reservations the day before, for lunch today. I requested for a table seat as I preferred the privacy over the novelty of the counter seats.

We were served a cold appetiser and towel promptly after we were seated. Note that for Aoki, they have a cover charge of $3++/pax, which I guess covers the cost of the appetizer and green tea.

We both ordered the Nigiri Sushi Tokusen – $50.00++.

The salad was mesclun leaves with vinaigrette dressing. I love the rocket leaves of this salad. It was good! one of the better salad I had that came along with Japanese set meals.

This chawanmushi excelled in taste and texture. Although the texture was not as soft as that from Tomi Sushi, it was soft and smooth enough for me. What’s worth mentioning was that the stock was different from the usual. There was a hint of charcoal taste to it.

Nine types of nigiri sushi and one sushi roll.

First and foremost, the nigiri sushi was very well made. It was made of quality rice and with equally good skills. It was so well pressed that the sushi didn’t come apart at all despite picking it with the chopstick and flipping it upside down to dip into sushi sauce. The rice was not too hard either.

Basically, I enjoyed everything on this platter!

The blue pickle was an interesting sight!

The unagi/anago is worth mentioning. It was like no other unagi/anago I ever tried. There was not fishy smell or slimey texture to this, unlike most unagi/anago I’ve tried. I’m usually not a big fan of eel but this changed my opinion! I wouldn’t mind trying their unagi/anago for main course next time.

The fish roe was very fresh!

If I had to choose something which wasn’t that good it would be this. I think that’s jellyfish and I usually don’t like jellyfish.

The one on the right should be mackerel. I’m not sure what the one on the left was. But both fish was very fresh and didn’t have fishy smell!

The tuna on the left should be akami maguro. But then again I’m not sure, as it’s quite fatty and it was so soft, unlike the usual maguro you get!

The one on the right is no doubt toro, but I’m not sure if it’s chutoro or otoro. either way, it was even fattier and softer than the other tuna!

I’m not sure what the one in the middle was.

The miso soup was legendary too. It was the best miso soup I ever had! They boiled it with prawn heads, thus the broth had a prawn/crab/seafood taste to it which was out of this world.

Roasted tea was served to refresh the palate, to prep us for desserts. Desserts was included in the set too.

I like how they placed our utensils on origami paper.

I was pleasantly surprised to be presented with a trio of desserts rather than just one! Some restaurants serve just a small pudding, mochi or even fruit for their dessert course as part of the set menu. But I’m glad it’s different here.

Corn ice cream

The ice cream was very creamy and smooth and had a distinct milk taste alongside with the typical corn taste. It was really good!

The jelly had a faint sake taste to it

Egg white custard with caramel

This has got to be my favourite among the trio. It tasted like crème brûlée! If this was regarded as crème brûlée, it would be one of the better crème brûlées around.


Ambiance: 9/10

Food: 9.5/10

Value: 8/10

Overall: Aoki has got to be the best Japanese restaurant I’ve dined at, based on food quality and the serene ambiance. I highly recommend it!



1 Scotts Road

#02-17 Shaw Centre

Singapore 228208

Tel: 6333 8015


Mondays to Saturdays    :

Lunch 12noon to 3pm

(Last seating at 2.30pm)

Dinner 6.30pm to 11pm

(Last seating at 10.30pm)

Closed on Sunday


Getting there:

By Car:

Shaw Centre Car Park

Mon -Sat

Before 6 pm        $1.07 for 1st hr, $1.07 for next subsequent 1/2hr from 8am to 5.59pm

After 6 pm        $3.50/entry from 6pm to 7.59am the following day

Sun/ PH        

$3.50/entry from 8am to 7.59am the following day

By Bus:

5, 7, 36, 54, 77, 105, 106, 111, 123, 124, 128, 132, 143, 162, 162M, 167, 171, 174, 190, 502, 518, 700


Orchard (NS22)


4 thoughts on “Aoki – Lunch

  1. Hello. Love your blog.. Am looking for some place to bring my gf to dinner for her birthday. Would you be able to give an idea of how much the prices at Aoki are like? It will be great if there is a price indication for your reviews 🙂
    Thanks for the wonderful reviews.

    • Hello, thanks for reading my blog!

      For dinner to have about the same amount of food as what I had i think it’ll be about $100/pax or more. You can check their menu on –> our outlets & products –> Aoki –> Menu
      i think they only have ala carte orders for dinner, but I’m not sure if there are any changes.
      I hope this helps! 🙂

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