Et Artisan Sweets II – Macarons

I was craving for macarons today so I went to get some from Et Artisan Sweets, as I remembered that it was pretty good.

I was in luck today as they had 14 flavours available unlike the previous time when there was only 5.

Top: Pure Chocolate, Sesame, Rose

Middle: Blackforest, Rose, Hazelnut Praline

Bottom: Lemon Raspberry, Sesame, Seasalt Caramel

Top: Vanilla Bean, Hazelnut, Summerberry

Middle: Raspberry Charlotte, Chocolate Marshmallow, Orange Chocolate

Bottom: Peanut Butter, Yuzu, Pure Chocolate


In bold are the flavours I took! I didn’t finish the whole box myself of course.

Sesame – not too outstanding. I am a fan of sesame but I can’t say the same for this. The flavour of sesame in there was too mild.

Rose – this would be one of my personal favourites, but then again, I tend to like rose flavour of everything so in terms of exclusiveness this isn’t exclusively good.

Hazelnut Praline – this one was ganache filled. The hazelnut flavour was strong like nutella and it was good in that sense. Hazelnut is typically one of my favourite flavours.

Raspberry Charlotte – this was my favourite amongst all! And I’m not a typical fan of raspberry so I’d say this was exclusively good. It’s sweet with a slight hint of sourness, but a lot more towards sweet.

Chocolate Marshmallow – nothing special about this flavour but the idea of having a chewy marshmallow in the middle was a good one! I love marshmallows.

Chocolate orange – nothing special about this, and I do not really like orange anyway.

Yuzu – The citrusy notes of this was strong. It’ll be good for yuzu lovers.


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