Nadaman III – Lunch

Nadaman is one of my favourite Japanese restaurants and today was my 3rd time dining here.

My dining partner and I love Nadaman particularly for their soup stock. It has a faint charcoal taste to it. The charcoal taste stock was identified in the chawamushi, miso soup and clear soup.

We both ordered the Power Bento Box and had an ala carte order of the clear Soup.

As I’ve reviewed this place before I shan’t comment much about each dish all over again. The standard was the same as before.



Clear Soup – $12.00++

Teriyaki Cod with Tamagoyaki, Simmmered Vegetables and Sashimi (my order)

Mackerel, Simmmered Vegetables and Sashimi

Fried rice, fried on the teppanyaki counter

Miso Soup

Yuzu Sherbet

This ice cream was outstanding. It’s not the Yuzu taste which impressed me but the overall flavour of the cream.

There’s a promotion ongoing where if you reserve your table online you can get 30% off your bill or get the Power Bento Box 1 for 1.

With the latter, this meal is a steal considering how much a meal at Nadaman usually costs!


For more information about this restaurant visit here and here.





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