Chikuwa Tei II – Lunch

It’s been a while since I last dined at Chikuwa Tei.

I ordered the Set Lunch A for $20.00++ which includes appetiser, 2 piece shumai, 2 piece yaki tori, chawanmushi, fish katsu curry rice and lime juice. My dining partner ordered the Chirashi Don set for $25.00++ which consists of miso soup and appetiser on top of the Chirashi Don.

Appetiser and lime juice

Swordfish Sashimi – $12.00++

It was as fresh as ever with not a hint of fishy smell.

Chirashi Don

Yaki tori

I think the only yaki tori I remember having was from Tori Q and this was definitely better! The chicken was so tender unliked the overcooked/ not so fresh chicken from Tori Q. I guess Tori Q depends on the sauce to make their food tasty on the whole. The taste of this yaki tori did not lose out to that from Tori Q either. I could have more of these!


Possibly the Japanese version of siew mai. This was alright but not exactly memorable to me. To be honest I can’t remember what it tastes like.


Fish Katsu Curry Rice

By the time I got to this, I was quite full, so I didn’t finish the rice. However, this was not bad. I could taste real fish in there and not those frozen fish fillet. I’m a fan of curry so of course there’s nothing I hate about this.

The standard of food as remained just as good. The only downside of this place would be the service staff. So be warned that if you ever dine at Chikuwa Tei, it is strictly for the food and do not expect anything else. What I didn’t like in particular was that the waitress was staring at us like a hawk as if eavesdropping our conversation. There’s a difference between attentiveness and intrusiveness and what you get from her is the latter. One of the waitresses even removed my chawamushi lid which I placed on the saucer of the chawamushi cup, when I was in the midst of taking a photo of it. -_-

It was tough to find any privacy in this restaurant so I wouldn’t recommend this place for dates. It is also not advisable to come here in rowdy and laughing groups as the chef told one such group to keep their volume down. I would only recommend this place to eat and go.

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