Tenza Izakaya – Dinner

This restaurant isn’t your usual Japanese restaurant with bento sets, but more of sumibiyaki (somewhat like BBQ, think skewers and all) and other dishes. I had trouble finding a Japanese restaurant in the west since I’m not familiar with that area and this was one of them when I searched online. It’s located in Sunset Way, so it’s not though to locate.

Like your typical Sunset Way restaurant, they offered alfresco seats.

They have plenty of unique dishes but without pictures it was hard to guess what it’d be like. We had a problem ordering, unfortunately. I guess it would have been better to have lunch here than dinner, as they serve set meals for lunch which makes things easier.

Unagi with soba roll – $15.80++

I don’t see where is the soba, but it was something like tempura with some uncommon filling. This could be one of the best dishes from this meal! The combination of unagi with egg plant and tempura like batter was perfect. They gave us dipping sauce ala tempura style too. The batter was crisp and light, with no sick oily taste.

Ika Sugata Yaki– $8.80++

This squid was alright but to me, it wasn’t outstanding. I generally prefer my squids to be fried as calamari.

Wakadori Sansho Yaki – $8.80++

This was grilled chicken thigh. The marinade was very good and the meat was very tasty and tender!

Prawn and scallop skewer – $4.80++ per stick

Anything with bacon is nice. This was no exception. It was very flavourful but gone within 2 bites. I wish I could have more of this!

Chicken wings – $2.50++ per stick

Sadly, the chicken wings were not as well marinated as the chicken thigh! I’d say skip this and get another portion of the thigh.

Cha Soba – $7.80++

The noodles were springy and there’s nothing to complain about but think I preferred Sushi Tei’s.


Ambiance: 7/10

Food: 7/10

Value: 6.5/10

Overall: there were some hit and misses here, but then again we could have missed out ordering the better dishes. A bit overpriced though, which was why I rated it down.


Tenza Izakaya

Blk 106 Clementi

St 12 (Sunset Way),



Tel: 6773 0093



Lunch: 12pm – 2:30pm

Dinner: 6:30pm – 10:00pm


Getting There:

By Car:


Mon – Sat:    Sun & P/H:

7am – 10:30pm:    $0.50 per 1/2 hr    

After 10:30pm:    $0.50 per 1/2 hr, Capped at $4.00    

Sun & P/H:

7am – 10:30pm:    Free

After 10:30pm:    $0.50 per 1/2 hr, Capped at $4.00

By Bus:

52, 61, 74, 74e, 75, 151, 151e, 154, 184


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