Spa Esprit – Massage

I was supposed to have a 60min aromatherapy massage at Spa Esprit, Dempsey.

This spa was very difficult to locate! It was on the 2nd floor, above House at Dempsey Hill, and the stairways leading to it was very inconspicuous.

The massage room was big (the area of the whole spa was very big and they had many room, but a lack of therapists I suppose as I spotted many vacant rooms) and we were to leave our belongings in the same room, but there was no locker.

Some walls were even unskimmed. The setting of the spa wasn’t up to my expectations either. Instead of a luxurious and relaxing looking spa, the spa was more funky and casual. I dislike the “classroom” like feel of the massage room. The natural lights through the office blinds was a no no. It made the unskimmed wall more noticeable that way.

However, the massage was rather good. The therapist was very strong and her stroked was well synchronised.

But on the other hand, they didn’t give us a choice of aroma oil despite this being an aromatherapy massage, so I have doubts that the aroma therapy part was really delivered.

After the session, we were served with tea, brownie and cookies, which I didn’t try as I was in a rush to leave.

Despite the massage skills being good, I wouldn’t recommend this spa in general due to the poor ambiance.


Ambiance: 6/10

Comfort: 8.5/10

Value: 7/10

Overall: 7/10


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