The Garden – Dinner

It’s the beginning of Restaurant Week today, and I my first stop was The Garden.

Located at Spa Botanica, The Sentosa Resort & Spa, The Garden serves spa food, which they call Conscious Dining. In layman terms, it’s just healthy food.

As the weather was fine this evening, I opted for an al fresco table, next to the pool.

This was the menu for restaurant week, but they claimed that there was a mistake and the first course wasn’t the watermelon diakon roll. For 3 courses, this meal cost $35.00++.

We were served with warm bread, baked with sunflower seeds. The texture of the bread was somewhat like a French loaf. Instead of butter or the usual olive oil, they provided a healthy dip which was like sour cream. I actually prefer such dips to butter or olive oil.

They took a while to bring us the bread, so I felt they could improve on their timing for serving.

We ordered some healthy fruit juice blends to go with our meal.

On the top was Immunity and on the bottom was Fresh Complexion. Each was $13.00++. They both tasted pleasant to me. Immunity was thicker and more pulpy in consistency.

Chilled Watermelon Soup

Infused with mint, ginger, cucumber and quark cheese

This isn’t like your usual soup, but it’s more like a savoury fruit juice with cheese. It was something unusual and it tasted kind of foreign in the beginning but after having the whole bowl, I think I liked it. However, I would rather have a hot soup anytime. The usual price of this dish is $18.00++.

Soon, the sun set. I love dining outdoors or high up near a window, witnessing the transition from day to night.

Sous Vide Norwegian Salmon

Quinoa “risotto”, roasted chicken jus and watercress emulsion

The sous vide salmon was very tender and my dining partner loved it. The flavour of the salmon brought out to its best. We liked the “risotto” a lot too. it didn’t taste like the usual creamy and heavily salty risotto. Perhaps using Quinoa instead of rice makes all that difference. The usual price of this dish is $42.00++.

Soya Milk Panna Cotta

Fresh raspberries and lemon grass Infused syrup

The lemon grass syrup was on top of the panna cotta. On my first bite, which of course had plenty of the lemon grass syrup, it was really good. The flavor of the lemon grass and the soya milk panna cotta really went well together. However, as you dig more into it, and when the lemongrass syrup was gone, it tasted a lot like tau huay. I realized that they gave us strawberries instead of raspberries as stated in the menu. The usual price of this dish is $15.00++

Overall, the spa cuisine wasn’t that bad and if this is really healthy food, they did it rather well.


Ambience: 8.5/10

Food: 8/10

Value: 7/10

Overall: Quite a pleasant place for dinner, but I doubt I’ll return unless I want really healthy food.


The Garden

The Sentosa Resort & Spa

2 Bukit Manis Road


Tel: 6371 1130


10am – 10pm


Getting there:

By Car:

Free Parking at Spa Botanica


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