Chocolate Filled Macarons

I attended yet another macaron baking class today, but with a different recipe of course.

It was conducted in a group hands on manner, so we were all in groups of fours.

Unfortunately, the air conditioning at the venue was not strong so the macarons didn’t turn out too pretty.

The feet of the macarons from my group were TINY!

The purple one was made by the instructor today. Hers had the air con blasting at her batter so it turned out better. The blue ones were brought from home by her.

The filling used was raspberry white chocolate ganache, which was really good!

As I was unsatisfied with “small feet” macarons earlier, I baked my own at home! It was a success!

The blue ones were better than the chocolate ones! The blue ones were baked to perfection while the chocolate ones were somewhat underbaked.

I guess the addition of cocoa powder does affect the stability these fragile macarons.

I filled them with ganache; dark chocolate and white chocolate. I shall let them age for 1 or 2 days at least before trying them!


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