Tatsu Sushi – Lunch

The quest for good sushi resumed today, after a few weeks without Japanese food.

We checked out Tastu Sushi, the sister restaurant of Tatsu Teppanyaki, conveniently located in CHIJMES. Typical of CHIJMES restaurants, it was very empty during lunch time and we were the only customers for the duration we had our lunch at 12noon. In fact, I liked that we were the only customers for that duration, as that means faster preparation of food for hungry bird!

The shop area was very small and actually, it looks kind of old. The ambiance was more towards the homely feel rather than posh feel, not that it mattered today.

We took the counter seats and we could see the Itamae (sushi chef) at work.

But it doesn’t help to have huge chunks of fresh sashimi right before my eyes, when I can’t have them all. So near yet so far.

I’m not exactly sure what their ala carte menu is like, but for sure, the lunch menu is much more affordable. There were many bentos and sets available during lunch, ranging from $18.80++ to $30.80++. In fact, I find it very inexpensive, comparing the price to Tatsuya, (if you find a striking resemblance between Tatsu and Tatsuya, it isn’t difficult to figure why.) Tomi Sushi, Hinoki and Aoki. In fact, the price is even comparable to mid range restaurants like Sun Japanese Dining or Sushi Tei, I feel.

My dining partner opted for the Tatsu Sushi Bento ($24.80++) while I opted for the Sushi & Gindara Set ($24.80++).

The appetiser consisted of simmered vegetables, mushroom and carrot with bonito flakes. I like how this was a warm dish rather than a cold one.

The miso soup was applicable to both our sets. It didn’t contain any fanciful ingredients like prawn heads or cute little mushrooms, but it was good.

Mushroom Tofu – $10.00++

The waitress suggested some ala carte appetisers and we ordered this. It was like agedashi tofu but with mushroom inside the tofu. There’s nothing to dislike about this, except that the sauce might be too salty.

My set included chawamushi. Aside from the cute little mushrooms garnished on top, there were other ingredients inside, like prawn, fishcake and the like. The custard was smooth and soft, but not the softest around. The flavour of the custard was of the subtle sort but on the whole, this chawamushi was still above average.

My sushi platter includes 5 pieces of nigiri sushi, 3 pieces of maki, and 1 tamago.

The fish were very fresh without a hint of fishiness, but the sushi rice wasn’t exactly good.

It was kind of too soft for sushi and was mushy. The vinegar flavour wasn’t outstanding too.

The tamago was lightly sweetened and chilled and I have nothing to complain about it.

The cod was tender, juicy and fresh, but the teriyaki sauce was too salty for my liking.

The sushi bento consisted of almost the same type of sushi as from my set, but with additional nigiri sushi and 2 more maki.

Tempura, saba, salad and fruit was included in the bento too, but I didn’t try any of it so I can’t give any remarks about it.


Ambiance: 6/10

Food: 7.5/10

Value: 7.5/10

Overall: if only the sushi rice was firmer, it would have been excellent. But it’s still worth giving a try.


Tatsu Sushi

30 Victoria Street



Tel: 6332 5868


Lunch: 12pm–3pm

Dinner: 6.30pm–10.30pm


Getting there:

By Car:

1    Raffles City Shopping Centre Car Park
Mon – Fri:
8am – 5pm    $2.00 1st hr, $0.50 per 15 min

5pm – 8am    $2.50 per entry

Sat, Sun & P/H:

whole day    $2.00 1st 2 hrs, $0.30 per 15 min


Mon – Sun:
8am – 4.59pm    $3.30 1st hr, $1.80 per 1/2 hr
5pm – 7.59am  $10.00 per entry

3    Odeon Towers
Mon – Fri:

7am – 5pm    $2.20 1st hr, $1.10 per 1/2 hr
After 5pm        $2.20 per entry

Sat, Sun & PH:

7am – 5pm    $2.20 1st hr, $0.90 per 1/2 hr
After 5pm        $2.20 per entry

By Bus:
130, 133, 145, 197, 851, 960, 7, 14, 16, 36, 77, 106, 111, 128, 131, 14E, 162, 167, 171, 175, 502, 518, 700, 857

City Hall (NS25/EW13)
Bras Basah (CC2)


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