Lifestyle / Luxasia Sale 11/11/11

To kick start this gloomy Monday, I’ll be adding a new Category to my blog called “Lifestyle“. Do check it out for non restaurant review or food guide related topics.

I’ll be posting about my cooking or baking adventures (I loveeeeeee baking!), shopping hauls, good deals, book or magazine reviews, warehouse sales, travel experiences, spa experiences and reviews, festivals in Singapore and maybe even about makeup!

For starters, I would like to share the news about the long awaited Luxasia sale.

Luxasia is a leading distributer of fine fragrances and beauty products in Singapore! They carry a wide range of popular fragrances like Vera Wang, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chloé, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Bvlgari, Thierry Mugler, Davidoff, Marc Jacobs and many many more. I have no idea which fragrances will be on sale so we shall see. I’m a fan of Chloé fragrances, and I love Thierry Mugler Angel. I hope I’ll be able to find it there!

I grabbed the Vera Wang Princess during the sale in 2008, as well as 3 50ml bottles of Escada Moon Sparkle in 2009, which happens my all time FAVOURITE but was discontinued! I got them at $25 each at the sale? I was the happiest bird alive. (however, Escada is not distributed by Luxasia. I do not know why it’s even there.)

For makeup, they carry RMK, iPSA and Guerlain so I sure hope there will be my all time favourite iPSA foundation and concealer, the much raved RMK makeup base and the legendary Guerlain Meteorites.

(on a side note, I do own the Guerlain Meteorites and trust me, dupes do not even come close!)

So this Luxasia sale sees like a sale not to be missed! As much as I hope there won’t be a massive crowd (fat hope..), do be prepared for a battle and come without bags as they would probably seal up your bag in plastic bags and it would be a hassle to carry around.


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