Delicious Café – Dinner

Scotts Square, the new mall in Orchard Road, has opened its doors to the public. However, only a handful of shops are open as it hasn’t officially launched.

The pictures of the restaurant online looked really good, very cosy looking with birdcages and a pleasing blue colour theme. All I knew about this restaurant is that it originated from Malaysia and has several outlets there.

As the location was centralised, we decided to try it out for a gathering of 7 today.

The prices are relatively inexpensive with the main courses mostly around $15++. However, the drinks were much overpriced with normal soft drinks going for $5.00++ and milkshakes at $8.00++.

Grilled Chicken Cos Lettuce Salad – $9.00++

with Cranberries, Avocado, Turkey Bacon in Ranch Dressing


I think this salad was rather good. I’m not a huge fan of romaine, but the amount of ranch dressing added was just right. It didn’t drench the salad, but was enough to coat and flavour it. I love avocados and cranberries are good for health so I like the ingredients. The chicken grilled flavourfully and blended rather well with the whole combination. However, I didn’t quite like the turkey bacon. After all, what bacon could be better than pork bacon? I wished I had ordered a whole portion of salad for myself as my main and you’ll find out why soon.

Seriously Delicious Cheeseburger – $12.00++

served with Shoestring Fries


The name of this dish looks promising but I’d say the best thing on this place was the fries. The second would be the cheese or the top bun. After having a wonderful burger at Fat Boys and having convert to believe in gourmet burgers, I decided to try this cheeseburger at $12 when I know there are $2 ones at McDonalds. Sadly, the patty was a HUGE disappointment. The patty was indeed huge in size, as seen in the picture. It was maybe 1.5in thick and 10cm in diameter (pardon the change in units), but do not be fooled – there was barely any meat in it! The whole patty tasted like bread/flour mixed with tonnes of spices. I’ve tried making patties before, and I ran out of meat so I topped it up with more panko (break crumbs) and it gave that same texture, so I know. I let my friends taste it and they all said it doesn’t taste like meat. I don’t see how this is seriously delicious. Seriously.

The bread was lightly toasted and was passable but nowhere near Fat Boy’s. The fries however, were good. It was very thin but it wasn’t fried through. I hate my fries to be fried through and breaks like a biscuit, you know? I like them to have a crispy outer skin but soft inside. And this one was like that. It is best eaten when hot otherwise it will turn soggy.

The salad dressing for this one was bad so skip their House Dressing.

English Fish & Chips – $15.00++

served with Homemade Tartare Sauce & Garden Greens


Among the main courses I tasted, I liked this one most. The batter looks hard and stiff here but it was actually floury and crispy. As in, it wasn’t tough and disintegrated rather easily. The fish inside was thick and it was a generous portion. It could have been more juicy (or oily, for the matter) inside though.

Mascarpone Pesto Chicken – $15.00++

served with Fried Potatoes & Asparagus


The chicken was in a very big portion. However, it was pretty ordinary in my opinion. I tried the potato and I liked it. It’s somewhat like potato wedges and I love potato.

Rendang Tok Short Ribs – $12.00++

served with White Rice, Jelatah, Salted Egg, Ulam & Emping with Sambal


This portion was very big. I tried a bit of it, but I felt that the rendang was too dry. It’s the sauce that gives redang it’s appeal, I feel, and lacking the sauce, how could I give this a good rating? My idea of a proper rendang would be something like this:

Duck Confit Spaghettini -$15.00++

with Sundried Tomatoes & Coriander

Mushroom Mascarpone Spaghettini – $12.00++

with Lemon Zest, Walnuts & Coriander

Some of us ordered drinks as well. Worth mentioning was the Strawberry Milkshake ($8.00++) (4.5/5). It had a mousse like thick texture even after 1 hour. The flavour was not too artificial and it would definitely satisfy strawberry lovers.

What was best about this place was that the décor was pretty and the mall itself was peaceful and quiet. However, the service wasn’t great at all. My friend called up to ask if they sell whole cakes and they say they didn’t. She brought her own cake as we were celebrating a birthday, and when we got there the staff had issues with it as the restaurant sold cakes (but very small ones) too. However, they relented reluctantly and said they usually have a policy against outside cakes but this time they’re giving us a chance yada yada and there’s no exception next time. I feel restaurants should not do that. Even if they had the intention, we do not need to know explicitly. It was as if by saying those things we should feel grateful to them for giving us the chance and they’re doing a big favour so we should feel guilty or something. The waitress taking our orders wasn’t exactly patient with me changing my mind a few times too.

Somehow I wished we went to Kazumi, the Japanese bento restaurant next door.


Ambience: 8/10

Food: 6/10 (hits and misses here)

Value: 6.5/10

Overall: if there’s ever a next time, it would just be milkshakes and salad.


Delicious Cafe

#B1-16 to19, Scotts Square

6 Scotts Road

228209 Singapore

Tel: 6636 0903


10.00am – 10.00pm


Getting there:

By Car:

Scotts Square Car Park

By Bus:

5, 7, 36, 54, 77, 105, 106, 111, 123, 124, 128, 132, 143, 162, 162M, 167, 171, 174, 190, 502, 518, 700


Orchard (NS22)


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