Chocolate Cupcakes – Baking

The rainbow cupcakes I made earlier on was too dense. Hence, I bought double acting baking powder for my chocolate cupcakes.

However, this time it was too loose! I wasn’t as moist and rich as I hoped it would be. It was better after chilling actually, being denser due to moisture in the fridge, and it tasted “fudge-ier” too. I guess the double acting baking powder wasn’t necessary after all.

I used simple buttercream this time, and I felt that the cream wasn’t that good. It taste just like sugar and wasn’t as rich and creamy as the American buttercream. It’s kind of like a mousse consistency. However, this buttercream could keep its shape and didn’t melt at all even when left at room temperature for hours, which I suppose I good to bring out. If I were to make this again, I would choose a rich buttercream or something fudge like instead, with a richer chocolate taste. The buttercream didn’t call for any chocolate and only cocoa powder, which I guess is why it didn’t turn out fabulous. Perhaps, I would us a better cocoa next time too, like valrhona.

I know my piping skills are still awful and needs improvement. I’m using tips from Daiso which cost $2 for 3 with piping bags included so it’s really for beginners. I wouldn’t recommend them as they’re not really as good as wilton tips, which are harder and gives a more defined shape.


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