Thai Village – Dinner

Contrary to their name, Thai Village is more like a chinese restaurant. After all, you shouldn’t be biased and not remember that there are such population as thai-chinese, which makes up 14% of the population in Thailand. The description of this restaurant says that they serve thai –teochew food.

We went to the outlet in Taman Jurong as it was near where we wanted to go. It was my first time stepping into Taman Jurong by the way. I always thought it was near the typical Jurong I know (aka Jurong East, IMM) but I was wrong. It was far from the IMM Jurong and it’s very inaccessible if you don’t live nearby as it is not near any MRT stations either.

When I looked at reviews online later on, I realised that the other 2 outlets received bad reviews and this seemed to be the better outlet.

The menu could be found on their website, and generally it’s on the overpriced side, typical of similar chinese restaurants like Seafood Paradise.

Salt Baked Chicken Drumsticks – $16.00++

This was labelled as one of the specialty dishes. The other well known specialty dish was of course the shark’s fin which we did not order. Next time, definitely.

Anyway this chicken didn’t seem baked to me, not that it was important. The chicken itself was just benchmark, nothing worth mentioning about the meat texture whatsoever, but the marinade was good. it wasn’t salty as the name suggested, but more like savoury with sesame oil, rice wine and maybe ouster sauce.

Chinese Spinach with Superior Soup – $12.00++

Instead of the usual sautéed vegetables we opted for this. It was chinese spinach with wolfberries and 3 type of eggs in a broth. The broth was bland but good enough as it suits this dish. The century egg, salted egg and anchovies are salty enough. Not a bad choice, as I love spinach amongst most greens, and I think I’d choose this over the usual sautéed vegetables.

Seafood Fried Rice – $16.00++

This was 1/3 of the portion. The rice was well fried – not too oily but fragrant enough. The rice was not too mushy nor too dry, which was good. I’m not sure what grains did they use but the rice seems smaller than the usual rice I see. However, they really could have been more generous with the seafood was I only spotted a few pieces of prawns.


Ambiance: 7/10

Food: 7.5/10

Value: 7/10

Overall: the food was not bad and I definitely wouldn’t mind trying out the shark’s fin or crab with vermicelli (though I do not like vermicelli, but if it’s good why not) if I have the chance to.


Thai Village

19 Yung Ho Road

Singapore 618592

Tel: 62683885


Lunch: 11.30am–3pm

Dinner: 6pm–10pm


Getting there

By Car:

Free parking outside the restaurant

By Bus:

30, 98, 154, 240, 246


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