Kosé Sale – Promotion

When I went for the Dior Sale, I was pleasantly surprised to find out from a poster at the lift lobby that Kosé was having a sale too, in the same building. The sale is still on tomorrow until 6pm+.

The selection was very wide, much wider than the Shiseido sales. They had a lot of makeup from Esprique Precious, Ultimation and Beauté De Kosé, and some skincare from Beauté De Kosé and Cosme Decorte.

Esprique Precious Twinkle Story Collection – $15 (RP $48)

This set was the coffret from xmas 2010.

The palette can be used as an eyeshadow or a blush, but I would recommend the former as it’s quite sparkly. There’s a lip gloss, a black sparkly pencil eyeliner and a nail polish.

Esprique Precious Ruffle Flare Mascara BK001 – $10 (RP $31)

This mascara was limited edition and is no longer selling.

Esprique Precious True Black Mascara WP (Curl Long) – $12 (RP $31)

This was a permanent product but the packaging has been changed as they rebranded the brand. They have the volumising one available too.

From Beauté De Kosé I got another mascara and loose powder. There were many mascaras and I couldn’t really tell which was newer but I tried my luck with the Mascara Fantasist Volume-Show Waterproof BK001 Nocturne Black – $10 (RP $46). I choose this one because I’ve heard that Beauté De Kosé fantasist mascara was good, in the past, but the lengthening one cost $14 and wasn’t waterproof. This one was the only waterproof one amongst the many others (they have other volumising ones too). Beauté De Kosé has been discontinued earlier this year.

Loose Powder Makeup BO-22 Beige Ochre – $22

The loose powder cost only $22 and I had to get it even though the colour may not be perfect. BO-22 is 1 shade darker than what I should take (based on the 2 way cake samples) but the loose powder was very sheer and the colour only showed up if I spammed it. The texture was very smooth and it looks promising. It seems to have a velvety matte effect.

From the Ultimation range, I got:

Makeup Base SPF 25 PA++ – $20

True Satin UV Liquid Makeup SPF 25 PA++ BO-20 – $26

Loose Powder – $26

Unlike the Beauté De Kosé loose powder, this loose powder is translucent and has shimmers. It reminds me of my Paul & Joe Face Powder 01. This doesn’t seem as smooth and mattifying as the Beauté De Kosé loose powder but gives more radiance due to the shimmers.


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