Twelve Cupcakes

Cupcakes seem to have invaded Singapore like how donuts and frozen yogurt did, just recently.

At $3 each, it is rather expensive considering how small the cupcake is, and that it is “mass produced” in the sense that it doesn’t require any unique intricate art but simply just a dollop of topping over a baked cake batter.

However, I was curious to know how it tastes.

I bought strawberry chocolate, red velvet and cookies and cream to try.

Generally, the cake was quite moist inside and was passable. the strawberry chocolate was simply chocolate cake with strawberry cream. personally, I feel the cream could be richer.

The red velvet was quite good, but I preferred the red velvet cake at Food For Thought, where the cream cheese was creamier and richer. The red velvet cake itself was fine though.

For the cookies and cream, I like how the batter contained traces of cookies too.

I wouldn’t say this is the best cupcakes ever because I’m sure there are better out there too, but this was pretty alright, so if you like cakes, do give this a try!


2 thoughts on “Twelve Cupcakes

    • Haha Ok but that’s really out of the way so i don’t think I’ll check them out. Im not super into cup cakes. I had twelve cupcakes simply because i happened to pass but them in a mall I was at!

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