My Shabby Chic Room

Not a food post but I had to share the outcome of my humble room! Previously I posted about where to get shabby chic furniture in Singapore. I did a lot of research as I wanted a shabby chic room. So here’s what I came up with! All furniture are bought as is and nothing is custom made due to cost constraints.


2 thoughts on “My Shabby Chic Room

  1. Hi hi, I find this blog very helpful. I see a lot of ikea item here. How are they serving you so far? Where did u get other items from in the end?

    • Hi, they are fine so far. I choose mostly ikea because it is cheap and the design suits well. the wardrobe cost about $2000 but i cannot find a similar size for this kind of design anywhere else. defu furniture has similar designs but smaller in height and width. also i love how the ikea one can have up to 3 hanging tiers. as for the bed, i kind of wish i had gotten another one i saw from king and king wong, which looked more porcelain than this. the height is kind of high too.
      only 3 pieces are non ikea. i got them from a warehouse like shop without a name. for places other than ikea you could check my other post

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