Ootoya (Clementi Mall) – Lunch

It’s not my first time at Ootoya as I’ve tried the Orchard Central outlet 2 years ago and didn’t have a good impression back then. However, due to lack of choices at Clementi Mall, my dining partner and I decided to try this. The restaurant is easily accessible by MRT as the 3rd level of Clementi Mall, where Ootoya is located, is directly linked to the MRT concourse by an overhead link bridge.

Based on the menu, there doesn’t seem to be any specials for lunch, so dining there for lunch or dinner is pretty much the same. They have changed the menu as it looks different from what I saw previously. I think the prices have gone up too. There’s a 15% off for UOB cardholders so if you have one do remember to use it.

This is a Japanese restaurant but the menu isn’t the typical sushi, sashimi or ramen sort. I’m not sure what category this falls in but they serve a lot of pork and grilled/fried dishes.

Pork Katsu Set – $23.50++

My dining partner had this.

Rice with Charcoal Grilled Pork Set – $23.50++

The ala carte was actually $20.50 but for an additional $3 I got an appetiser and miso soup.

I had quite a hard time choosing what to eat but I decided on this because the picture on the menu looked really appetising. The other contender was the hamburger steak. I was very glad that I chose this in the end!

The pork was well seasoned and was very flavourful with a distinct charcoal grilled flavour. The pork was quite fatty with layers of fat on the side but it’s easily removed if desired (but seriously, that’s the best part). The pork wasn’t exactly tender (think wagyu beef) but it wasn’t too tough to bite so I quite enjoyed this. Though it’s definitely not the best grilled pork to the extent that it’s not replicable, I wouldn’t mind having this again as it’s decent and above average. I liked the salad that comes with it as it balances up this meal.

I must add that the serving was generous and I was more than full after having this whole set. As shown above, the amount of pork given is that generous. Note that the slices are about ¾ cm thick at least, and not thinly sliced shabu pork. The sauce was very tasty too! The rice soaked up the sauce and had the fragrance from the charcoal grilled pork and it was good eaten alone too. The amount of rice was generous too but I almost emptied out the whole bowl save for a few grains.

However what I liked even more was the appetiser! It was brinjal, served cold. It was cooked through and very soft. I’m a fan of brinjal so I loved this.

The miso soup was not bad too. It contained a generous amount of beancurd and the soup itself tasted rich in miso flavour and authentic.


Ambiance: 7/10

Food: 7.5/10

Value: 7/10

Overall: probably one of the better restaurants you can find in the vicinity of Clementi MRT station. Not a bad choice. Do try the Charcoal Grilled Pork if you’re undecided on what to have.



Clementi Mall


3155 Commonwealth Ave West


Tel: 66592644


Daily: 9am – 11pm


Getting There:

By Car:

Clementi Mall:

1st hour $1.40

Every subsequent 1/2 hr $0.80

By Bus:

Bus stop in front of Clementi mall:

52, 105, 106, 154, 183, 184, 185, 189

Clementi interchange:

7, 14, 96, 99, 147, 156, 165, 166, 173, 175, 196, 282, 284, 285,


Clementi (EW23)



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