Pretty Inn Nails – Manicure & Pedicure (3D Nail Art)

I bought a deal on Groupon many months ago, last year, for only $22. The location is unheard of to many, at Hong Leong Garden Shopping Centre. It’s not a shopping mall, but a cluster of privatised shop houses, which were mostly closed today, making that place a dead town. Contrary to popular belief (or at least what I believed) it’s actually not very inaccessible as there’s a bus stop directly in front of it.

They have a wide array of nail colours including OPI, China Glaze and a few other brands, as well as Gelish.

The shop was quite untidy, pretty much like any neighbourhood nail salon, but I’m not complaining here. It’s acceptable to me.

My deal includes classic manicure and pedicure with nail art.

I have previously bought deals with included nail art but they didn’t turn out good as they restricted the designs to simple ones.

Therefore, I didn’t expect much from this shop as the deal was pretty cheap.

However, I was in for a shock. They actually did not have restrictions for the design I want to have on my nails, just that the 3D art was limited to one on each finger. They even said the other fingers would have crystals, and there seems to be no limit for it. I was in disbelief and I verified it several times with my friendly manicurist! It was my first time doing 3D nail art and I was very excited.

However, I came unprepared with designs I’ve previously shortlisted so I left it up to her to suggest. I chose to have the designs to be done on my hands while my feet will have just a plain colour.



  • Soak
  • Trimming/ Shaping nails
  • Cuticles
  • Removal of dead skin and callus with a foot file
  • Exfoliation of skin with scrub
  • Random base coat
  • OPI nail colour (Wocka Wocka!)
  • Random top coat (but it’s quick dry)


This colour is from the Muppets collection. In daylight it looks like a bright blue toned red. But under warm light, it looks like a deep maroon.


  • Soak
  • Trimming/ Shaping nails
  • Cuticles
  • Random base coat
  • OPI nail colour (Cherry Blossom, I think I Pink, Teenage Dream)
  • Random top coat (but it’s quick dry)

Overall, the skills need improvement, I feel, but the value from this deal is unbeatable! I’m very satisfied with this and there’s totally no hard selling at all!





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