P.S Café – Dinner

It was my first time trying P.S Café today, and I went to the outlet at Harding Road. Different outlet serves different things, apparently. I waited for about 30 minutes before getting seated, as I didn’t have reservations. The café seems to be really popular so do make reservations.

The ambiance is pretty casual, but the prices were not so.

Most of the mains could cost $30ish after taxes.

However, the portions were huge! My dining partner was not so pleased because we couldn’t finish all the food, given the massive sizes, but the waiter did not advise us upon ordering.

Just looking at the amount of food kill his appetite, somewhat. At this point of time we felt that we chose the wrong restaurant in Dempsey. However, if you’re into quantity, you may regard this as a plus point.

Portobello Mushroom Soup – $14.00++

With watercress and truffle oil

The mushroom soup was rather thick and no doubt it’s Portobello, but somehow my dining partner didn’t like it. Perhaps it was due to the reason mentioned above.

P.S Burger – $28.00++

Grilled Wagyu & US chuck patty topped with cheese, wilted spinach, bacon, tomato & crispy onion on a toasted sesame bun with P.S fries

This burger was supposedly raved somewhere but it was a disappointment. Personally I preferred Fat Boys. The patty was rather dry and tasteless to me. the meat didn’t taste like it was of good quality, so perhaps the amount of wagyu they used here was only 5% or something. In fact, MOS burger makes better wagyu burgers.

Arugula salad with spicy prawn and cherry tomato in lemon dressing – $22.00++

This is not in the menu as it’s one of the daily specials. For a salad, this is rather pricey. Luckily the prawns tasted good. It was fresh, firm and chewy. The rest of the salad could be prepared at home with a packet of rocket and a lemon. I’m not complaining here, as rocket is my favourite salad. I’m just saying it’s a very simple dish, so do not expect any magic from it.

Truffle Shoestring Fries – $15.00++

With grated parmasen and parsley tossed in truffle oil

$15.00++ is a premium price to pay for fries as you could get like 6 packets of large fries from Macdonald’s, but I wanted to try truffle fries for the longest time. The fries were crispy and actually, similar to Macdonald’s (which I love) but the truffle taste could really be more prominent. The amount of fries here is equivalent to 3 or 4 packets of Macdonald’s large fries I think. It is definitely too much for 2 people to share. It would be good in a group of 4 or 5, I think, or 1 fat man.


Ambience: 7/10

Food: 6/10

Value: 5.5/10

Overall: A very overrated place, I feel. You could get better quality food elsewhere, unless you love such casual cafes settings. Maybe you should only come for the desserts and cakes.


P.S Café

28B Harding Road



Tel: 6479 3343



MON to THU & SUN 6.30P.M – 12.00A.M

Last Food Orders 10.30P.M

Last Bar Orders 11.00P.M



Last Food Orders 10.30P.M

Last Bar Orders 1.00A.M


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