Flor Pattiserie II – Cakes

I loved the iced cheese tarts at Flor based on my first experience there, but I didn’t enjoy the cakes I ordered that time, that much. Today I passed by the stall at Takashimaya and I decided to try my luck again. They didn’t have their best sellers like Napoleon, Berry Berries and Waguri Millefeuille so I ordered the Mont Blanc. I guess that the outlet at Duxton would have the widest selection.

Mont Blanc – $6.95

To describe it in 1 line: better than Antoinette’s

Well to be more specific, Antoinette’s pretty good with a good ratio of chestnut to cream to base. However, overall, this one’s better. For the record, I was never a fan of chestnut. I find this chestnut taste perfect for me, but fans of chestnuts would probably wish it was stronger. This one uses a genoise sponge while Antoinette uses an almond tart base. You could argue that since it’s a different medium it shouldn’t be compared but I feel that the sponge complements the chestnut and cream perfectly.


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