Flor Patiserrie III – Cakes

My previous 2 visits to Flor Patisserie weren’t exactly fruitful as I didn’t manage to try their signature cakes. Today I happened to be in the area and they happened to have only 2 of Berry Berries left! I did not hesitate to get a piece to try.

Berry Berries – $5.50

Berry berries is just the name for their strawberry shortcake. Do not doubt it, it is strawberry shortcake, just that they gave me a free raspberry, blueberry and some chocolate pearls on top.

This is definitely one of the best strawberry shortcakes around! The genoise is so soft and fluffy but not crumbly (happens if you use too much chemical leaveners), if you get my idea. Later on when I checked their website description, they did not use chemical leaveners indeed! The whipped cream went perfect with the genoise. The overall taste of this cake is not sweet, so it probably will suit most people’s taste buds.

I’m not sure if this still loses out to my favourite 1-caramel strawberry shortcake, because it’s been a long time since I had that.

I will definitely return to Flor soon, as I’ve yet to try their famous Waguri Millefeuille (elicate strands of French chestnut cream carefully piped over a sandwich of crisp, flaky puff pastry and pastry cream, topped with sweetened Japanese chestnuts) and Napoleon.


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