Obolo – Cakes

Obolo makes one of the better cakes I’ve eaten in Singapore. I love their concept whereby they make mini sized cakes and sell them in boxes of 3, 6 or 12, which is great for sampling many flavours.

I’ve tried a few of these flavours and among those my favourite has to be the matcha cheesecake and the mango passion cheesecake. The New York cheesecake was good too, but I’m not an original flavour person, and fancy flavours are my favour.

I bought full slices today at their new premises, Katong Mall.

Noisette – $7.50+

I’ve had a very good chocolate hazelnut cake at Galbiati Gourmet, which has put many other renditions to shame. Noisette is a similar genre so competition is tough here.

I feel that the appearance of this cake can be improved. They should either make the layers more even, or coat the entire slice with chocolate.

As this cake is essentially made of chocolate, a good quality chocolate has to be used and this was pretty alright. The chocolate flavour was in dominance that there was hardly any hazelnut taste, until you bite into a hazelnut. There’s like 4 of these whole hazelnuts in that cake, and the hazelnuts were so delicious! It was toasted/ roasted/ tampered with for sure, and the flavours just burst into my mouth when I crunched on the nut.

If there was a reason to overlook the flaws of this cake, it would be the hazelnuts.

The crunchy bottom layer could be more generous, as this cake is pretty thick. It has 2 layers of mousse and sponge but only 1 thin layer of biscuit crunch.

Overall, this cake is pretty good if you love chocolate. It’s similar to the famous Canele’s Le Royale, only that I think it’s better.

Mango Passion Cheese – $7.50+

I love cheesecakes. Obolo makes one of the best cheesecakes I’ve eaten, but come to think of it, I haven’t been actively sampling cheesecakes from everywhere so don’t quote me yet.

I’ve had this in petite four size and it was good. But when the sample size is larger, as it is here, I get to scrutinize it further.

Let’s talk about the bad first. The biscuit layer was too thin and it was soggy. A huge factor which makes me enjoy cheesecakes that much is the biscuit base. When I make my own cheesecakes, I go super generous with the base. Perhaps thickness could be a preference issue but for sure, it shouldn’t be soggy. Taste wise, the base tastes correct.

The texture of the cheese was somewhat like eating a very thick paste. It wasn’t very solid. I think it would be better if it was more solid. Perhaps it was under baked.

And for the good, it has to be the taste. The taste is really good! Really really good. The mango and passion fruit taste was subtle and gentle but it simply enhanced the flavour of the cheese giving it a tangy slightly fruit sweet taste. The mango taste gets even more prominent when I have this after eating the matcha one! I can really taste the mango flavours and it was really good.

Matcha Cheese – $7.50+

I am a fan of green tea and I personally find this to be very good. The matcha flavour is strong enough and it goes perfect with the creamy cheese. The texture of this was slightly firmer than the mango passion cheese, which is just right for me. The biscuit on the cake is similar to the biscuit base, which I love. However I wonder why they can’t just mix is more homogenously as the patches of white cheese is quite ugly.


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