Bakers World – Cakes

This is actually neither a restaurant nor a bakery but more like a ‘warehouse’ kind of place which is not made to attract passers-by. I would say it’s more for people who already knew about them to order their cakes. The location is quite secluded, so I would advise against taking public transport.

hey sell very no frills looking cakes at a reasonable rate, of around $4 per block of 15cm x 7.5cm kind of size. They have sponge cakes, chocolate cakes, cheesecakes and éclairs. I’ve tried their éclairs a few years ago but didn’t really like them. I only remembered that the cakes were not bad, hence I decided to try again.

These were shared among 3 people. We only shared half of each cake, whereas the other halves of the 6 cakes were taken home by one of my friends.

The cakes were packed in individual plastic containers. The jelly of the passionfruit mango cake slid off after a few hours. It still tasted good though. This shop doesn’t provide any disposable forks or knives so do be prepared if you’re going to enjoy your cakes outdoors.

As my pictures are kind of ugly due to the lack of nicer presentation, I shall post the pictures from their Facebook page for a clearer representation of their cakes in my review.

Chocolate Royaltine

Chocolate mousse with biscuit and hazelnut paste topped with dark Belgium chocolate and streaks of white chocolate.

The major gripe here was that the biscuit wasn’t crunchy. The chocolate taste was alright though, very rich and chocolately.

Strawberry & Marshmallow

Strawberry mousse in-filled with marshmallow bits and topped with chocolate ganache

I personally like this one because I like strawberry. I felt that it went well with the ganache, but I would prefer it to have more marshmallows! I would definitely choose this again.

Avocado & Aloe Vera Cake

The avocado taste here is very mild but this is one of my favourite as I liked the sponge and the cream.


This was well received too. The yam taste was quite prominent but not nasty, as some yam flavours would come across to be. Think along the line of the famous Swensens Yam ice cream. I would recommend this flavour!

Passion Fruit & Mango

Sponge cake topped with passion fruit with intermediate layer of mango bits set in light cream

This was another hot favourite among the lot. Again, the sponge was fluffy soft and went perfect with the cream. The mango bits were not numerous but enough to give it a tangy taste overall. This one’s a premium item and costs more than the rest.


This could be my least favourite among the lot, as it wasn’t exactly special. It tasted quite similar to the Chocolate Royaltine. I wouldn’t recommend this.

Overall, I would recommend the sponge cakes like avocado, yam, passion fruit mango and strawberry marshmallow. These are not Must Tries, but if you have a party and require sweet bites, do get these cakes!


Bakers World

15-8 Jalan Riang Serangoon Park

Singapore 358987

Tel: 61007107


Mon – Sat:    11:00 -19:00

Sun:        11:00 -16:00


2 thoughts on “Bakers World – Cakes

  1. For the chocolate royaltine, ‘biscuit’ is not meant to be an english word ie. cookie but rather french (read : bis-kwee) which means sponge cake. Biscuit sponges are made using the separated egg method as opposed to genoise sponges which are made using whole eggs beaten to ribbon stage. Sorry to sound technical but just though I’d clarify since you were wondering why the ‘biscuit’ wasn’t crunchy.

    • I think you got me wrong. I didn’t except a cookie biscuit based on expectations of chocolate royaltine, but rather there was a somewhat cookie like layer there that was kind of soggy. It was not a sponge but yet not a biscuit, hence not something which I like.

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