Vanilla bar & Café – Dessert

After a meal around the CBD area, we wanted a place for dessert. A quick check online led us to Vanilla at Boon Tat Street.

By 10pm they didn’t have many options left and they only serve desserts and drinks. Only 3 types of desserts from their menu were available.

The café is very small, so if you’re unlucky and there happens to be a big rowdy group in there, chances are the noise level would be overbearing.

Vanilla Dirt Cake – $8.90++

We decided to try the vanilla dirt cake as it stated on the menu that it was the signature dish. When it was served, we could tell why! It was so delightful to look at!

This is a frozen vanilla cheesecake topped with oreo bits, and a layer of vanilla pudding, and another layer of oreo bits. The flower is just for display.

The pudding was quite springy and tastes like melted marshmallows. It went well with the oreo bits like how cookies and cream would go.

However, strictly talking about the taste, it isn’t anything too special. It’s the cute presentation that made the experience lovely.


Vanilla Bar & Café

3 Boon Tat Street



Tel: 6423 0366


Mon–Thu: 10.30am – 11pm

Fri–Sat: 11am – 12am

(Closed on Sun & PH)



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