Imperial Treasure Teochew Cuisine III – Lunch

Instead of the popular Royal China and Taste Paradise, and the common Crystal Jade, you could consider Imperial Treasure for a dim sum lunch instead. Among all the outlets and concepts they have, the Teochew Cuisine concept at Ngee Ann City level 4 may be your best bet.

I have found three “best in Singapore” dishes from this restaurant. Everything else, though not the best, was also above average.

Daily Soup – $6.00++

Crispy Roast Pork – $9.00++

This is our MUST ORDER item at Imperial Treasure Teochew Cuisine and it’s still the best we’ve had around. It was just perfect and even better served warm.

盐水豆腐 – $5.30++

I’m not a fan of tofu at all, but this was alright! The tofu was very silky smooth, but with the usual tofu taste (aka tasteless soy taste). But what I liked was the other layer which was very thin but crispy. It was rather salty too, as the name suggests. I would order this again!

We also had the Marinated Jellyfish, Siew Mai and Ha Kau. Both the Siew Mai and Ha Kau were pretty good, with firm but thin skin, generous tasty filling, and it was satisfying.

Baked Egg Tarts

These are still one of the best egg tarts around. It’s best when served warm, so if you’re going to have it after the savoury food, do tell them not to serve them together.

It was the first time we decided to try the desserts here. I have no idea why I didn’t think of this during my previous 2 visits.

Mango Sago with Pomelo

I wanted mango pudding but it was sold out. This dessert was pretty normal in my opinion, and it was too sour for my liking.

Taro Paste with Pumpkin – $4.00++

This dessert, however, was life changing. All my life I’ve hated yam and cringe at the thought of yam, only to open up to it when I’ve had Swensens Yam icecream, which wasn’t too nasty. I’ve had yam paste at other restaurants but it still made me cringe. This one however, was so good that I’m a yam paste convert now! The paste was very smooth, almost like sesame/ almond paste just that it was of a thicker consistency. This is definitely a MUST TRY and I shall say this is the best yam paste in Singapore. This restaurant does live up to its reputation of being a Teochew restaurant.


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