Café Oliv II – Dinner


I bought a deal online for $19 which entitled me to a set meal at Café Oliv. I wasn’t really interested in the set but they didn’t have one for just the steak.

I’ve been here many times, so I’m quite familiar with their appetisers.

Salted Egg Calamari – $8.90+

From my impression, it was better the last time I had this, which was probably 2 years ago, on my very first visit.

Gratin Oliv Herb Butter Yolk Cheese Mornay Escargot One Dozen – $14.90+

The escargots were as good as before though! But very sinful.

Half Shell Grilled Scallops – $11.90+

The grilled scallops tasted ordinary, as if it can come from any kitchen.

Mushroom Soup

The set meal included mushroom soup. Today’s mushroom soup was quite decent. It seems like it’s homemade as there’s chunks of mushroom bits and it tastes something like the mushroom soup I made at home.

Angus Rib Eye Steak

The whole appearance of the steak was rather different from what I had here on my countless previous visits, so I sensed that something was amiss. Indeed, the steak was drier and tougher than previously. The quality of the meat seemed to have changed, to some lower grade meat. It wasn’t as fatty and marbled as before.

Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream

The brownie still retained it’s standard and I really liked this! It was chocolatey and fudgey and served warm to compliment the cold vanilla ice cream. This indeed has scored some brownie points for this visit.

Corkage is free, so do bring your own wine if you wish! They do not provide any service though. They only provide empty glasses and help you open your bottle. The rest is self-service.


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