Seventh Heaven Artisanal Desserts – Ice Cream

The first and the last time I tried Seventh Heaven was when they were in the very secluded Raeburn Park. Subsequently I saw their other outlet at RWS and their scoop counter at Takashimaya Basement but never got about trying it but when I wanted to both were shut down. Now it’s in Katong Mall!

The Matrix (House Decides) – $29.00+

Top: Superman (Raspberry), Black Sesame, Latte, Yuzu

Middle: Horlicks & Oreos, Black Forest, Green Tea & Red Bean, Hazelnut & Brownie

Bottom: Sea Salt Caramel, Milo Dinosaur, French Vanilla, Wild Strawberries

It was indeed a fun experience trying out the different flavours. The prices have shot up by $4 compared to 1 year ago, at Raeburn Park.

My favourites from this platter were the Horlicks & Oreo, Hazelnut & Brownie, Wild Strawberries and Black Sesame.

I was very full after dinner so I didn’t eat much. I reckon this platter would be good for 6 – 8 people as an after meal dessert.


Seventh Heaven

112 Katong



Tel: 66363896


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