Vansh – Dinner Tasting

Thanks to Hungrygowhere and the Rang Mahal group, I got the opportunity to taste the food at Vansh yesterday.

Vansh is located at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, facing the waterfront. Her sister restaurants are Rang Mahal at Pan Pacific (closed for renovation at the moment) and Rang Mahal Pavilion at RWS Hard Rock Hotel.

Vansh’s concept is modern Indian, which probably means Indian cuisine without the traditional unhealthy methods of cooking (like ghee).

It is my first time posting about Indian food on this blog! But this doesn’t mean I haven’t had Indian food before other than roti prata. It also doesn’t mean that I dislike Indian food because in fact, I prefer this to like Korean food or Chinese food (not counting dim sum and peking duck). Somehow none of my dining companions have a preference towards Indian food so naturally I don’t really get a chance to have it. For Indian food in a modern classy restaurant, this is probably only my third time. The last time I had Indian food was at Yantra, which ended off in a sour note, thus I didn’t post about it. I had the weekday lunch buffet there and while the food was still alright the service was bad. However, I heard that the ala carte food is much better so maybe I’ll try again one day. But in any case, dinner at Vansh is so far the best Indian food I’ve had! I’ll tell you why soon.

Vansh is no new kid on the block. In fact, it’s been around for about 10 years! And what’s amazing is that I heard the décor hasn’t changed one bit. I was shocked because it still looks very modern and fashionable, nothing like something a decade old!

However, I would recommend not sitting on those bulky chairs on the right side of the picture, because when the servers come over to serve you your food or refill your glass, the chair will be jerked and it isn’t very comfortable. They do have other types of seats and you can see it on their website. They have alfresco too which looks lovely as it overlooks the Tanjong Rhu waterfront.

This is the menu for tonight. Sure sounds like a lot of food!

Mango Lassi

This is just like mango milk shake.

I guess this is the Indian version of the bread to keep you full during meals. This is very crispy.

It comes with a trio of sauces: spice, mint, yogurt.

The spice and the mint ones were SUPER spicy. It was alright, in fact, delicious upon first bite, but after a while the spice lingers on and my whole tongue was flaming and I kept reaching out for the yogurt dip. Nevertheless, great sauces for spicy food lovers.

Dahi Papdi Chaat

Crisp ajwain-scented flour discs dressed with sweetened yohurt, tamarind-chutney and Indian vermicelli

The idea here is somewhat like nachos and cheese but I didn’t quite like the taste of the yogurt.

Onion Bhajia

Crispy Indian fritters

This was essentially just battered onions deep fried. You can’t go wrong with such food, and with the dip it was indeed appetising.

Garam Chicken Tika Chaat

Tandoor grilled chicken morsels tossed I tomatoes, spring onion and fresh cilantro with chat masala

This was the highlight of the meal. Everyone sang praises about it! In fact, this is the best tandoori chicken I ever had. I seldom or maybe, never mention chicken in my blog because chicken usually doesn’t impress me/ it’s not my type of meat, but this chicken was remarkable. It was very tender and the flavours really went into the meat. I highly recommend this dish! This is offered as a starter.

Malmali Seekh

Tender minced lamb with a curtain of colourful bell pepper, mint & spring onion

This lamb however was pungent with spices for my liking. Indian food connoisseurs would probably like it though.

Punjabi Cholley (chickpeas simmered in rich Punjabi masala), Dal Tadkewali (lentils tempered with onions, tomato and cumin, laced with fresh coriander), Jeera Pulao (fragrant basmati rice seasoned with cumin seed and onion), Fish Masala (fresh sea bass fillets tossed in fragrant spices)

The main course was served like a Japanese bento which I found to be really cute. They also served Garlic Naan which was the best I’ve ever had! No pictures of it, unfortunately. If you dine here you must try the naan.

The basmati rice grains were very thin and light and call me a mountain tortoise but I’ve never had that before. I liked it, but I liked the naan even more.

I like the gravy from the Punajbi Cholley and the Fish Masala better than the Dal Tadkewali. It went perfect with the Garlic Naan.


Lychee Kulfi

Vansh’s signature homemade frosty flavoured with lychee

To end the meal in a sweet note we had the Lychee Kulfi. It was my first time having Indian ice cream. This one’s more like those moulded ice block like ice cream than the churned type, and I can imagine how would it would be if it was served on a popsicle instead. The lychee and milk flavour is really strong in this.


They also have a Sunday brunch which cost $32++ and comes with free flow of kebabs and beer or lassi. Sounds like a good deal to me especially since you can get tandoori chicken and naan unlimited at a reasonable price!


*once again, I would like to thank Hungrygowhere and Rang Mahal for the opportunity to have the best Garam Chicken Tika Chaat in Singapore!


Ambience: 8.5/10

Food: 8/10

Value: N/A

Overall: the chicken is a MUST TRY



2 Stadium Walk

Singapore 397691


Tel: 6345 4466


Dinner: 6:30pm – 10:30pm (last order)



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