Food For Thought – Breakfast

There are many places serving breakfast food but in reality, not many of them open their doors for breakfast. Finding a place which specialises in breakfast food and serves good quality breakfast is though.

Finding one which is open on Mondays is even harder.

I decided on Food For Thought at the Botanic Gardens as they open early and the reviews were good.

If you intend to come here, DO NOT at all cost, type the address into your car’s GPS. You will not get to the location, as the Botanic Garden is big. If you have to, I suggest you just search for Gleneagles Hospital near Napier Road, as the restaurant is directly opposite! It is located on one extreme end of the park.

We happened to be down on our luck (not really, if you look at it from another angle) to park our vehicle at the other extreme end of the Botanic Gardens and only found out the mistake when we have trekked halfway through. We entered from Cluny Park Road, near Cluny Court or the Botanic Gardens MRT station, which was totally wrong.

A simple breakfast became an excursion to the Botanic Gardens, which was actually quite nice as I haven’t been here in more than a decade and either things have changed or I never noticed how scenic it was before. I saw beautiful swans which I regret not taking a picture of! The weather was cool and the sun went hiding so it was great.

Being famished after the 1hour journey, we ordered 3 portions for the two of us!

The “American/ English” breakfast they serve here is rather flexible. You choose any 3 items of your choice for $8+! No service charge is incurred at Food for Thought.

They have 8 options in total. An additional item is $3+ which didn’t make sense to me since ordering a whole new plate seems more value for money. Overall it is relatively cheaper than what other brunch places charge and on top of that they do not charge for service!

The sautéed mushrooms were alright and I kinda enjoyed them. Nothing to complain about for those and I would recommend them! The fried egg was quite standard and I would suppose so for the bacon and grilled tomato mesclun salad. The thick bread seemed quite ordinary to me though. I was expecting something more unique than that actually. The scrambled eggs were kind of different from the usual as they use cream instead of milk I think and it did taste really creamy.

The other items they offered were chunky sausages and hash browns. I would love to try that next time as I love hashbrowns!

Duo of pancakes, fresh cream and gula melaka syrup with toppings of dark chocolate and raspberry. The pancakes would have cost $8+ but additional toppings of dark chocolate and raspberry cost an extra $4+. Not your usual pancakes with butter and maple syrup but this pancake was really good! I totally loved it.

The extra $4+ for dark chocolate and raspberry was so worth it too. Dark chocolate is always perfect with strawberries/ raspberries and for this case it is perfect with pancakes too. It is nice to have fresh cream but I do not quite understand this concept as cream will melt with the heat, so perhaps you have to not spread it around. I am no fan of gula melaka but it was quite subtle so no issues here. The raspberry coulis was enough to flavour the pancakes!

Overall, I would highly recommend the pancakes. It tastes very homemade and fresh and the combination of dark chocolate and raspberries on it was flawless. The scrambled eggs and all brunch fare was fine as well. I mean, such brunch food always tastes similar so I wasn’t expecting any exception. Fans of egg benedicts or egg Florentines, do note that they do not have any of those here.

The queen street outlet seems to have quite a different menu so do note that. They have a different pricing for the brunch fare and they do not have dark chocolate & raspberries for the pancakes.


Ambiance: 7/10

Food: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall: one of the best pancakes


Food For Thought

Botanic Gardens (Botany Centre)


7:30am – 5:30pm (breakfast)







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