La Strada II – Dinner

Sad to announce but La Strada is officially ceasing operations. As one of my readers commented, Singaporeans still do not know how to appreciate Italian food. Most Singaporeans accept overcooked soggy pasta with a bottled sauce over as “Italian pasta”, which to me, is so not true.

This place serves one of the best I’ve had here so I had to try it again before it officially becomes history.

Perhaps someday, they will dig out those recipes to let the world savour once again, when Singaporeans learn to appreciate Italian food more.

To La Strada: I look forward to the day you reopen.


Buffalo mozzarella with tomato

Pan Fried Smoked Cheese with Parma Ham and Rocket

I super love this. everything was just so perfect. The cheese was slightly seared on the outside but chewy and slightly oozing inside.


This is La Strada’s sigature carbonara which does not use a cream sauce but instead uses an egg sauce with perhaps some wine and a dash of truffle oil, with yet another egg in half boiled form. I don’t think I’ll fancy other renditions of carbonara as much as La Strada’s.


My dining partner’s official favourite vongole. It is pleasant indeed.


We ordered lemongrass and olive oil (bottom picture) but they served us a chocolate one by mistake. The olive oil was one of its kind and very smooth and fragrant. Do not be alarmed; olive oil actually goes quite well with cream! It is one of Pierre Herme’s signature macaron flavour. I think a first pressed olive oil is required for this as it will have more floral notes to it. The lemongrass was subtle too but it was refreshing. The chocolate was just normal.

Cheese Platter

I love the blue cheese! It goes perfect with the marmalade. There was also something that seemed like camembert/ brie and some sort of cheddar. I need to brush up on my cheese knowledge.

For my past experiences at La Strada:


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